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YourHobbyPlace 1850 RTT

First let me throw down for YourHobbyPlace. This is a game store in Martinsburg, WVA. It caters to every type of gamer; from magic, to star wars, to Warhammer. The guy who runs it, Dave, is a fantastic individual and often mixes with his gamers and unlike most game store owners I've met is able to hold a meaningful discussion while adding insightful comments on almost any game system. The terrain is great; the store has plenty of room and does not have that normal... uh... "odor" we find at other game stores. You all know what I mean.
While I'm at it, I should also throw down for my more local hobby store, Huzzah Hobbies. Huzzah is also an excellent, well run game store, no foul odors, very clean and something you don't see at a lot of hobby stores - well lit!. Unfortunately Huzzah does not have RTT's for 40k, so my time spent there is mostly purchasing items and shooting the shit with Chris the owner. Chris also came out for The NOVA Open and helped run Flames of War with a buddy of mine Scott.
Both good peoples. I thought I'd throw down for both. Even though no one will probably ever read this blog!
So YourHobbyPlace runs a monthly RTT with good prize support. There are a group of regulars who show up, so there are almost always at least 12-15 people on hand to throw down. The Meta there is interesting. There are a few guys who are still playing old 3rd/4th ed IG or Chaos SM lists to the full range of beat face GK/Cron air ect. So it’s a good mix and pleasant.
The RTT's are always three round tourneys, book missions with battle points.
I showed up this month knowing I'd have to leave early (Christmas Party) but I was itching to get my game on and have fun. I had just painted up a Chaos SM Daemon prince, and to be honest, I want this guy to work so badly it hurts (he doesn't really work well, as it turns out, but oh well!)
That said I took what I thought was a super lolzy list, but did surprisingly well.
My List
Mega-Armored Warboss - Bosspole, Cybork
Big Mek - KFF, Burna, 'eavy Armor
Chaos SM Daemon Prince: Tzeentch, Gift of Mutation, Spell Familiar, Burning Brand, Psyker (lvl3), Power armor, wings.
3 Meganobz w/ kombi-skorchas w/ battlewagon deffrolla / big shoota dedicated transport
3 squads of 20 shoota boyz w/ 2 big shootas and nob + pk + bp + 'eavy armor
3x battlewagons w/ deffrolla + big shoota
5 Lootas
A very simple list. Gretchin and Cultists reserve and hold back field. Lootas hang out and provide some anti-flier support if needed. Everything else rushes as fast as possible forward to shoot and assault. This isn't a great list, but it is fun.
Game 1 vs. Scott's Grey Knights
2 Objective Game, Grey knights have first go.
I spent a lot of time trying to decide if I wanted to hit his left
or right side first. It was a queston of taking on the two
dreadknights with the terminators, or the strike squad
with terminators first.
Scotts list was an interesting 5th /6th ed mix. 4 Psybolt acolyte squads. 1x fully equipped strike squad, 1x fully equipped terminator squad. Coteaz, a storm raven, and 2 heavy incinerator / teleported dreadknights.

I had to make a tough choice on what I wanted to try and slam first. His squishier troops or his dreadknights. The terminators were set to support either side of the board. I decided to go heavy into his troops to fry what I could in a single turn and then hop into melee turn 2. Lootas set on the left side as a red herring to either pop razorbacks or draw the dreadknights over.

 The dreadknights were drawn over. I was able to dakka down half the strike squad and some terminators. Unfortunately my daemon prince (far right) was grounded and has received three wounds, effectively neutering him.
On turn 2, his army moved close enough to ensure a glorious multicharge into the terminators and both dreadknights. I deployed all 60 boyz + meganobz about 3 inches away from one dreadknight and the terminator squad. Then proceed to shoot the snot out of the terminators and kill about 5 of them. Then surprise, the squad breaks and runs out of charge range. I guess counting on a LD10 to hold is bad news sometimes!
This sets me up badly, though I lock down one of the dreadknights in CC anyways. The terminators regroup and proceed to dakka down a boyz squad to about 6 guys. The 'eavy incinerator dreadknight which is free then kills a squad of boyz by itself. His razorbacks finish off the daemon prince.
The rest of his army races forward to take my objective.
Turn 3 - My meganobz + the remains of the boyz squad assault terminators + Coteaz wiping them out on the following turn, but locking them in combat through his turn (so they can't get shot woo!). The boyz squad with the dreadknight stays in and leaves him with one wound, but 11 boyz left so still fearless. 2 Battlewagons go left and start tank shocking his dreadknights + razorbacks, 2 battlewagons roll forward tank shocking strike squads + razorbacks. A bunch of stuff goes boom. My reserved cultists hang out on my objective.

Turn 4 - His heavy incinerator dreadknight clears off my objective and his razorback drops off a squad of 5 bolter acolytes on it to hold it. My b-wagons tank shocks his strike squad off the board clearing his side of units allowing me to claim his objective with my boyz. Meganobz kill the razorback they are standing next to in the photo. My battlewagons on my side of the board tank shock + kill his razorback and a few of his acolytes, the rest hold. My reserved gretchin walk on, and run next to the objective contesting it.

End of game. Had it continued it would have just been
a fight over my objective between his dreadknight / stormraven,
and my squad of gretchin, boyz, and two battlewagons. Net result - same ending
Game - My victory through the skin of my teeth. I got the primary win, slay the warlord and line breaker. My opponent got the loss, but got slay the warlord, line breaker and first blood. In the BP style, I got 18 points he got 15. So not bad for him really at all.
                                                                     Game 2 vs. Nids
I was in a bit of a rush for this game as I had to leave afterwards for my offices Christmas party. My opponent played Tyranids. His list was.. interesting but not what I’d consider very competitive.
Dakka flyrant w/ biomancy
4x squads of 20 hormagaunts with adrenal and toxin sacs
Trygon Prime w/ all the fixings
2 Zoanthropes
Dakkafex in a drop pod
3 biovores
I am sad to admit, in the interests of being fast; I didn't play this as a casual" game. I was pretty brutal and had him tabled rapidly. Sorry guy! My opponent was really nice and took the tabling really well, not a single bit of butt-hurtness, which I was gratified for.
I had to leave to go to this though!


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