Thursday, December 19, 2013

RTT @ Huzzah Follow up.

Hey all,

So we had a very well attended RTT at Huzzah Hobbies this past sunday. With 18 players making attendance!

1st ) Eric H w/ Necron / Tau
2nd) Matt S w/ Seerdar / tau
3) Lee w/ Necron
4) Pierre w/ Eldar
5) Brad w/ Tau

So on.

the tourney is posted on torrent of fires website, so you can review it from there!

I allowed one formation per army, and codex inquisition. This didn't go over to badly.

NEXT RTT will be at 1850 pts.  January 19th

I will be allowing,

0-1 Formation

All dataslates

Stronghold assault models which are not AV15, have D-weapons, or are networked systems.


That bit of business out of the way

Game on Bro!  Eric vs. Kevin.

 I really wanted some trench warfare, so this is the best we could do for this event.
 Look at all those glorious games
This table was hilarious. We set it up for Pryts and I to play on as a joke, and people liked it so much we left it for rounds 2-3. Here Anthony's dark eldar duke it out with the nefarious forces of chaos.

gooo chaos =0


  1. I think that last table is the level of LOS blocking we need to keep the Tau and Serpentspam Eldar from continuing to dominate the game...