Thursday, July 17, 2014

Huzzah Hobbies RTT - 40k 1850 This Sunday 7-20

Greets all,

Normal 40k RTT at huzzah Hobbies this sunday. (7/20).

Please arrive between 10am and 10:45. Round 1 will start at 11am. No need to sign up though it is preferred. You can call the store at  703-466-0460 or visit their website for location / number. We have room for about 30 people, so come one come all!


We are following the NOVA open missions / FAQ's this month. So that means Single CAD, and only two sources for your units (so no INQ/ SW/ SM nonsense). Please do note though that every stronghold assault model is allowed, (which is a slight difference from NOVA), so feel free to bring whatever, just please no networked building / systems. If you show up with two bastions or two void shields i'm going to tell you to re-write your list.

Costs are $15 and include lunch! All the rest of the money is rolled back into prize support.

Anyone with questions please just reply to this post.


  1. (Sorry, first time playing an RTT at this store) Second question: NOVA open format says they are still using 6e rules. With the RTT be 6e or 7e?

    1. Hi David,

      Glad you are attending! To answer both your questions - the best way to sign up is to call the store at 703-466-0460. However, signup is not necessary as long as you show up between 10 and 10:45am (as that's when registration is). It's more to let us know you are coming in case you are late for some reason so we can include you in pairings.

      The RTT will be a 7th edition tournament. I'm not sure why NOVA packets would still say 6th, I can only assume they just havn't been updated yet. The NOVA is also a 7th edition tournament.

  2. Make sure you use recently updated missions, should be live in the sample pubs doc.

  3. Thanks for the quick replies. The NOVA site was ambiguous because on their GT page ( the Draft Primer says 6e, but the Missions and FAQ clearly refer to new elements in 7e. Makes a difference for list design!