Monday, May 6, 2013

1850 40k RTT at Huzzah Hobbies May 19th, NOVA Trios Registration!

Hey all,

There will be an RTT using the NOVA Open format at Huzzah Hobbies on May 19th. It's 1850, no forgeworld. I encourage call ahead ( 703) 466-0460 for registration, but it is not necessary, we will be able to host up to 32 players, so please feel encouraged to come out.

 Do keep in mind that this is a RTT Hosted by Huzzah Hobbies and operated by the NOVA Open staff. There will be NOVA Open staff on hand to judge / run the event and we will be following NOVA FAQ's. It's a good opportunity to meet and greet with NOVA staff as well as raise any important issues you think the NOVA should look at.

15 Dollar registration that will entirely be used on prize support and the provided lunch!

Prize support will be split in a

First, second, third place basis, and an additional prize for combined best painted / sportsmanship.

Registration is at 10, and dice start rolling at 10:30 sharp! If you are trying to make it and running late, call the store or text me and let us know.

NOVA open primer missions available here

As a reminder, NOVA Open registration is ongoing! Please go register!!! There is a really good rate at the convention (the Hyatt Regency) Hotel, a crazy and unheard of (for the D.C. area) 85 bucks a night. Go team up with a buddy and rent out a room!

Also I strongly encourage you sign up for my event, the TRIOS! Grab two partners and get to it! The Trios will be in the evening after all the normal 40k GT events conclude. Primer and rules found here.

The Trios works by pairing your team into two separate matches, one is a full 2k wth double FOC vs. another 2k with double FOC; the other is a two vs two of 1k each, but FOC limited as outlined in the primer.

The Trios is always a lot of fun and is good laid back way to play some games with friends, enjoy a few brews, and have plenty of folks around to socialize with and talk about the days victories or tragic defeats.

Troy and Bill's team have won it two years running, see if you have what it takes to unseat the reigning champions!

As a side note, I'm super duper pissed at myself. I mis-read what category of models Plague Drones are, and have been thinking they were cavalry/jump this entire time. Instead they are cavalry/jetpack . I was browsing BOLS the other day and saw it on a post.... Kuddos to you BOLS, I felt like an idiot. I've been cheating myself the additional 2d6 movement every single game. It easily could have made all the difference in the world to winning my games at Adepticon. To try and remind myself of the rule and to read all future rules carefully, I'm publicly castigating myself.

Shame shame, shame shame shame, on me.

Also plague drones are awesomeeeee


  1. Hey James, I think I will come out to this. See you there.

  2. Question: how close to WYSIWYG must we be? I have some Tau battlesuits that are modelling in a certain way but I want to give them different weapon options?

  3. Hi Tim! Will be good to see you there! As long as you are clear about the wargear options you are equipping your suits with prior to the start of the game with your opponents, it should be ok. If needed just write the wargear options on a slip of paper and keep it next to the unit. Just walk them through your army.