Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Great RTT at Huzzah Hobbies on May 19th

Greets all,

So I haven't updated my blog at all since last posting about the RTT / NOVA signups to just leave a continuous message about both. Now that the RTT has past, its time to updata-a-rama! Woooo

I would like to announce that Huzzah Hobbies has very nicely decided to host an 40k RTT every Third SUNDAY of each month. Signups are not necessary, but appreciated. So start showing up 40kers!

Huzzah hobbies is a great store, anyone who has not been there should really check it out. They are also trying to start up 40k on Wednesday nights. So show up peoples!

So moving right along, this month's event was won by Kevin Ferrel, playing TAU. No not that crazy skytide list posted by mvb that's probably nigh-unstoppable. Just a more normal regular list.

Our second place was actually tied, so i flipped a coin to decide who got second and who got third. So.. that was that!

Here are some shiny photos!

And tomorrow! Thoughts on my current games.

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