Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Re-Link, See a BR of me getting beat by Kenny from Next Level Painting

Link Here

 Kenny played his blood angels extremely well, and proved its viable army with plenty of tricks up its sleeves. The 2+  FNP guy with a re-roll is a rediculioussss wound soak.

A couple things Kenny neglects to mention (i'm assuming he forgot!), so I mention for the sake of my own pride!

We were drinking le vodka, myself having just come off a loss vs. an Eldar player on hammer and anvil, I concluded (wrongly) that the entire tourney was win-loss, and I was no longer eligible for the top brackets. Therfore, I threw everything out, drank, and generally ran amuck.

I don't regret it, it was a fun game, and I had fun with all my opponents following. My hindsight annoyance (and thus me mentioning it at all),  is that I didn't realize I still had a chance for top brackets, so I could have tried a lot harder and played better, rather than. I RUSH AT YOU HAHAHAHHAH

And such.

Mephiston whacked a ton of nurgle spawn, not plague drones as kenny mentioned. The plague drones actually ended up slicing mephiston to death with a ton of AP2 attacks. However, putting Mephiston into, and force weaponing nurgle spawn, was a excellent move on his part, more so actually than attacking plague drones who would have had a 5+ invuln. So making that correction for him from his BR.

His 2+ FNP guy tanked a bunch of hits away really solidly. I'll be honest, I had no idea that guy even existed until that game started. Shame on me. The juggernaut lord and his spawn squad basically did nothing, because of his 3+, 2+ saves.

Also kenny took some fantastic photos of the game, really love how my models look. Reposting the photos from his website below. Just looking to show off my own models of course!

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