Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Recent work: Making Custom Spawn, Painting a Bastion

Hey all,

So I've been absent lately. I blame my burning desire to paint models and work for this. Mhmmmm. So I've signed up for the fall 40k league around here. Its 2k this time, and for funsies, I've decided to run what no doubt will turn out to be a fairly bad list, given the current tau/eldar meta. But I'll give it a go without complaining!



Juggy axe lord w/ all the good fixings, including Boon of mutation! /le gasp
Nurgle mace Lord w/ all the good fixings, including boon of mutation! /le gasp x2!

I know, you're all shocked to your cores already! Well get ready, here's some more shock!

2x cultists!


2x maulerfiends

2x spawn, one nurgle, one plain

1x helldrake w/ flamer

*drummroll here*

Bastion! With Quad gun!

But wait, that's not all!!

Havoc squad! With 4 lascannons!

But wait, theres more!

ALLIES! - Black Legion


1x Cultists

1x nurgle spawn

Sayyyy whattttttt?

Yes, i know,  Las-havocs probably the worst squad ever, not to mention so many other units can do it better..


So these guys, when combined with hiding inside of a bastion give me an answer to a few things -

1) Killing broadsides by doubling them out.

2) Wounding riptides, wraithknights, t-fires, and other pesky units at range.

3) Messing with opponents target priority

So, why do I want this?

Bastion gives me a place to hide my troops, which suck horrifically against t-fires with barrage now. If I need to, i can easily swap out the havocs on the top, and hide some cultists inside.

Havocs inside the bastion give me a good platform, plus an extra heavy bolter or two, to put out some las shots which can go after units which may try to run away or otherwise be difficult for my assault rush army to get to.

The quad gun is somewhat obligatory, and lets me have a chance to fire at the new swarms of Storm Talons i suspect will be emerging from under rocks. It also just means some extra fire support as needed (until its destroyed turn 1 by any good opponent, but hey whatevs!)

Broadsides are super annoying for me, not anymore! Even if they have a butt-ton of drones to hide behind, that's why we can prioritize what order we force people to take saves in!

The bastion gives me a LOS blocker for those times I can't start the game with one, a vital necessity in todays I SHOOT< I WIN meta, of ignoring cover, a.ka., terrain is pointless. So that's good.

Havocs inside the bastion mean they probably won't go away quickly, so they'll probably earn their points back.


So painting wise, i obviously need a third spawn squad. That's well under way, see the pics below.

I also need a Bastion + quady, so, short story on this. I actually bought a bastion back when they were the retarded awful terrain GW sold, instead of badass fortresses of getting blown up by wraith knights turn 1 all the time for no reason that they are now.

I played 40k, and didn't realize what terrain was supposed to be, so of course i turn to GW, and get a big honking fortress of redemption, and a bastion....

Put it together, and after two games, immediately discard as retarded.

RE: me, several years later digging through a bin, on a half-remembered idea that i might have owned a bastion, and bam! One piss - poor painted - half destroyed bastion later, i'm good to go.

Also i fixed the shit out of it. See the pics below.

So I dropped daemon allies not because I think they are bad, (they are not) but because I wanted an excuse to run three ridiculous beat-face lords in one army. This lets me do that.

That was my entire train of logic.

How else can I run three characters who can smack some bitches up in combat? Oh wait, Chaos daemons, who do it way better in some respects (and now vanilla marines! boooooooo-urns). Blah


Also I tried about a million ways to make myself feel comfortable with running CSM's as troops, didn't really work. Maybe one day I'll find my courage. I was reading some other guys blog, and he was going on about using noise marines, maybe I'll give them another look in the near future.

So to run my master-crafted list of excellent excellentness, I had to build another squad of spawn, as mentioned above, so find below, pictures of before mentioned, after mentioned, spawn.
I decided I wanted to kitbash quite a bit, and build spawn who looked like for the most part, they either were super mutated, or just started the process. I chose brown as a color, so I could run them with any lord in the future if they turned out. Hint, my entire army is generally color coded to match the gods of choice. Brown is ubiquitous, so can go either way. I've also been watching a lot of bad 1980's and 90's animes lately. I've decided the way daemons and evil things were drawn then are wayyyy more disgusting than the way they are presented now. Go watch the Daemons in Bserk, for serious. Yuck. So I stuck some GW daemon heads on three of the guys, as they actually somewhat  resemble a few of them.

The spawn arn't close to done yet, they only have had a base coat, 2 washes, and some light drybrush and highlight. I'll need to do a lot more =/ le sigh

The fire guy, I thought actually could be a good representation of a mutated tzeentch sorcerer.

Ok enough rambling and silly talk. I'll have to post more later. But now, its bed time. Enjoy the pics.

This was a pile of crap before, now its less of one
Winner? Me. And that nurgling, that guy is
the whole gang of the new spawn
don't let them confuse you with their wiggly bits

I don't even know. Make up something


Failed Tzeentch guy, obviously!

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