Tuesday, January 14, 2014

RTT January 19th @ Huzzah Hobbies, Ashburn VA

NEXT RTT will be at 1850 pts.   THIS SUNDAY January 19th

I will be allowing,

0-1 Formation

All dataslates

Stronghold assault models which are not AV15, have D-weapons, or are networked systems.



as always - registration starts at 10am, first game at 1045. Entry is 15 and covers lunch. The rest is rolled directly into prize support. As usual we do not require any painting or fancing basing.

For those interested in proxying models, as long as you don't have any other models of that type in your army, and they have a passing resembelance to the models being proxied, proxies are O.K.


  1. This looks like fun. For those of us who are painters first, is there a track for painting? Also the question about void shields is essential since that determines what fortifications I will have to paint.

  2. John, Myself and Matt S. will be standing in for James this weekend so I might be able to answer this. There are no requirements for painting, but we do always have alternative prizes for folks that are not in the top 3. This varies from painting, to mid pack, to dead last awards, etc. Bring you A game for painting and we just may have to put in a painting prize!