Monday, January 27, 2014

Slow clap for Adepticon!

In case everyone missed it, the Adepticon staff have updated their rules for events, and more important to me, their 40k rules.

It seems that the Adepticon staff have taken the difficult decision to do the following in a very brief summary:

no dataslates, no formations, no escalation, limited use of stronghold (following the rules for the models but w/ caveats and restrictions), no core game changes such as those proposed by FoB or the LVO.

I applaud them for these decisions. With the internet in turmoil over escalation and stronhold, it looks like they have decided to play it safe, not let in game busting elements as much as possible. No doubt they will be savaged by people for their decisions, but I think its the right call.
 Well done Adepticon, I strongly look forward to attending in a few short months.


  1. Yes no game busting elements allowed like an escape hatch for a bastion. Oh the horror that would entail. Or letting the Firestorm Redoubt fire at BS 3. Army lists would not be able to adjust to that. How about no dataslates for Tyranids because you know every other top tier codex can ally with itself to manipulate the FOC, except bugs. And there is no way anyone can stand up to bugs who use a dataslate to increase their HQ's. I mean who can forsee the problems to letting an army take 3 HQ's. It would be like a Tau player taking Farsight, Ovessa and a Buff Commander all in one list. Much to broken to even contemplate.

    I know the Adepticon staff and they talked a good game a month ago, but succumbed to fears and misconceptions like a lot of people have. So sad.

  2. I hardly think your points are fair. You pick the most innocuous of the stronghold stuff, armies, and data slates and hold them up as an example. Never mind all the super broken twisted shit that all the other data slates, formations, escalation, and stronghold allow.

    You think its bad now that people can take the Ovesa star / whatever now, imagine what it will be like when those same people take those over-powered lists, and then proceed to cherry pick all the best parts of stronghold and escalation, formations and data slates.
    Imagine Ovesa star w/ those broadside formations and void shields, just because, why the fuck not?

    You think that's going to somehow make it easier to beat because you get a third HQ for tyranids? Hardly.

    Like seriously, did you think that through, at all?

    My applause of Adepticon is their decision not to allow power creep.

    Tyranids sucking has nothing to do with escalation / stronghold, and everything to do with sloppy rules writing at GW. Formations and data slates as they stand now do not even come close to solving their problems of under-powered armies.

    I know something about playing under-powered armies, being a CSM and Ork player. I consistently make my armies work vs. these lists that people consider OP, its a question of skill, list design, and grit.

    People need to adapt their armies to beat the meta armies, sorry, it sucks but its how it is.

    For now, GW is not providing solutions to overpowered armies, they are letting those armies amp up their power 10x, and the underpowered 1x. Its making the un-equal, even more un-equal

    1. They already use the stronghold rules, but not the upgrades. Did you read what I wrote or just rant? What upgrade makes the stronghold units they allowed over the top? I never said escalation. You ranted that as a strawman argument. Take your precious Ovessa star. What are you going to take out to add in a Dataslate? Something has to go. The inclusion of the inquisitor online book gives Ovessa a Divination carrying inquisitor as a battle brother. They allowed that.

      Really you need to take the rage goggles off and think before typing.

    2. Inquisitor and tau are desperate, so that's just incorrect - O'vesa won't be gaining a free battel brother divination HQ to toss in, at best they gain a bare bones inquisitor with servo skulls to protect against scout moves a bit, but infiltrating kroot do that as well.

    3. Also Adepticon is using the stronghold rules for the current formations, it is not allowing the upgrades, or void shields, or any of the truly crazy stuff. They're essentially using none of stronghold assault, except the newly clarified rules for the existing fortifications, which are actually useful.

      I know you're mad because you play nids, but think a bit clearer and as you said above, take off the rage goggles. It's not a defensible position to say "NO ONE GETS DATASLATES - oh unless you play nids then it's cool". They chose certain things that most people agree unduely unbalance the game - data slates, formations, etc., and just said no to them. Did nids take a small hit? Yes. Would nids take a much LARGER hit if data slates in general were allowed, since the power level of the nids ones are trash versus the tau or imperial ones? Yes.

    4. @ darthdiggler, I don't take ovesa star - if you go through my blog, you can see i play exclusively orks and CSM... so that.... I guess you don't read my blog and are trolling though. However, If i was to play ovesa-star, given they have plenty of points to field oh say.. 40-60 kroot or several suit missile squads, I could easily cut down to having bare bone troops / drop the bonus riptide to include some hot steamy formation action

      I agree exactly with what Andrew said for both his comments.

      As far as your comment about escalation / other stuff, my original post specifically includes those things as comments about Adepticon. Your original post you mention stronghold and data slates, and go on to mention you think Adepticon gave into fears / misconceptions. I think i'm fully within my rights to conclude when you talk about data slates, you don't just mean Tyranid dataslates, and included all of them in that assessment, as otherwise you are cherry picking based on your own personal preferences. And indeed, most people include stronghold with escalation as hand in hand.

      If you are patient, when i arrive at a location where I actually have my stronghold book, i will be happy to return and post which ones are huge problems as far as balance and/or gameplay go. As i don't have it in front of me atm.

  3. Yeah nids suffer them most from this sweeping ban ( even before the other 2 data slates have dropped )

    1. sarcasm? or worded incorrectly?

      Nid's suffer the most from shitty GW rules writing for their codex. The ban helps prevent some of the more crazy army combinations that would just make tyranids cry.

      Like Double IG blob w/ 2 rune priests + inquisitors w/ rad + psychotroke grenades + tau formation broadsides + riptide + vendettas