Monday, February 24, 2014

RTT Results - Test rules for using Void Shields at the next RTT

Hey all

Excuse the long delay in posting - Lots o' real life stuff going on, not that it's an excuse, we all do in general.

RTT Results!

So, in first place, was none other than Chip! Of ToF fame. He was playing a beastpack elder army.
Second place went to Werner  with his Necron army!
Third place with to Lee  with his Necrons
Fourth went to Matt with his Eldar.
Midpack award after a dice off went to Zach.

I was to tired to come up with a clever award, so we just went with a 4th place this time around.

So it seems Necron still have plenty o' game left in them. Good job all.

So this RTT went off very well, we were done on time, which was nice! We had 20 people in attendance, of which, 4 or 5 were tyranid! I was surprised to say the least. Tyranids look fun to play, if nothing else. Though I'm not sure how their backs felt by day end with all those models to move / lean over.  I have to give special thanks to Chris, the owner of Huzzah. He's gone the extra mile to set up the room for us wargaming hobbyists. Now it has trays for people to transport armies on (in case you forgot yours!), two new tables and more terrain!

I've been considering doing a tactics type class at some point. Having run these RTT's for a long while now, I see returning faces often. I've gotten to sorta tell who is going to do well at what, and it may be time to have a tactics session. I say this, because our RTT is often attended by both GT players, and hobbyists. And while I love the diversity, I feel a little bad for the hobbyists getting socked round 1 due to random pairings (as after that they are more structured).

I'm not saying anyone's bad, don't take it that way, I've seen a lot of improvements too. I just notice a trend with some players being stronger than others vs. different things.

It's nothing to do with armies either, I see players fielding strong armies, or well designed, well crafted with obvious a lot of love and thought put into them, then still lose consistently. Its just playstyle.

Myself personally,

Getting ready for the ToF tourney next week, gotta fix up models and get practice games in! Also been working on painting 2k of Tau on commission from the adepticon team  "Space Ninja's 3000"... Aka, personal request.
I'll post some of those up later.

In the meantime, here are the rules for using void shields in the next RTT, which I have copied in pasted from the rules I wrote for the Nova Trios event. So excuse it if it seems to have weird comments.

Stronghold Assault
- All of the Stronghold Assault supplement are legal with the following restrictions
-  Stronghold Assault models which have D-weapons, or have any single armor facing equal to AV15, and/or networked void shields, (a single voidshield is ok!) are not allowed.
-  To use void shields, the following rules will be followed
- To “penetrate or wound” models inside a void shield, after rolling to hit, roll each dice to
penetrate individually, until all dice in the current pool are gone, or the shield has collapsed.
- After the shield has collapsed, roll all remaining dice against the intended target unit as normal.
- The order in which dice are rolled to penetrate the shield, is determined by the firing player.
- For blast or template weapons, determine how many hits occur by counting the number of
models underneath the template.
- All models, whose size and dimensions are not listed in the Stronghold Assault rulebook, may be no
larger than 2 (1/2) inches tall, and 2 inches wide.
- Any model whose dimensions are only partially listed, example, 3 inches wide but not how long or tall, may be no wider or longer than the partially listed dimension, and may only be 2(1/2) inches tall.
- All battlefield debris and associated terrain, may be no larger than 1 inch long, wide, and tall.
-Models must be WYSIWYG when available
- All models may move onto, or off of, a skyshield landing pad if within two inches of the model, by
taking a dangerous terrain test. There is no 3 inch penalty for moving up or down as with a ruin.

Special exemption for the next RTT,  anyone who has crafted their own voidshield model may bring it regardless of size dimensions to the next RTT for a trial run. If it works out, then we will adjust the dimension allowance accordingly.