Monday, May 5, 2014

40k new edition leaks

Click here, try not to hyperventilate or panic.

So heres the big changes

1) unstructured or structured. This looks like a quasi-come the apocalypse. We don't know for sure. It looks like bonus's for staying in an FOC, and nothing for breaking it.

So is this good for tournament play? Probably not at all. Will it be banned by exactly all of the tournaments? Yes. Expect every event to post that they only allow structured FOC's. So that will solve this little issue.

2) New ally matrix - we'll have to see how this plays out, as we know nothing more than that it's new.

3) Psyker phrase - This sounds like a cut and paste of the magic phase from fantasy..

4) New missions - This is good. GW is thinking more and probably seeing other games for inspiration. They are a bit random in implementation, but will probably be fun. Expect for tournaments to not come near them though, as they don't make for good missions in an event. As you generally want everyone on roughly the same mission at the same time.

So, no change.

So, basically out of the 4 posted changes

3 - Will either not change the game as events will over-rule them for consistency / standards
1 - CHANGES ALL THE THINGS! But we don't have enough rules for implementation to be upset. However if its anything like fantasy... (which its probably a cut and paste of that).. I expect a lot of upset players.


  1. Wow, at first I thought this would be a simple re-packaging of rules, but its clearly not. Crazy. GW is probably looking at the numbers and realizing that new editions mean big bucks. Still...why so soon? I never even got the hang of 6th.

  2. Is it wrong that I'm kind of excited for the Psyker phase? A chance to stop all those buffs without a rune priest/shadows of the warp seems really awesome to me. I fully expected all events to run them as bound events, so this whole I pick whatever I want stuff won't be too concerning to me.

  3. I think GW has actually been listening to their player base in a way. We have been bitching as players for the last decade about getting more content per year, 6th rolls around and we get an insane amount of content. We then say that the rules need to be tightened and things changed a bit, bam! Two years later we get a new edition that updates (we do not know how they are updated) the rule set for at least a few things that are being complained about. Then we say "money grab yo!". . . 40k players are the worst sort of customer base to have I think :P