Saturday, January 5, 2013

Announcement: RTT to be hosted February 2nd at Huzzah Hobbies!!

Good Morning All,

Sorry I missed a few days. I've been working with family events and attempting to finish my Chaos SM army before my winter break ends (which is not going to happen =( ).

So big announcement. The author of the blog DeathSalvo and myself will be hosting an WH40k 1850 RTT at Huzzah Hobbies on Feb 2nd. The entry fee is tentatively set at 15$ and will include a dice brick you must use for the event (no custom dice!). Prize support will be there, and raffles with prizes for the losers, though these are yet to be determined.

The NOVA OPEN and TRIAGETERRAIN will be helping sponsor the event. This will include NOVA staff and paint judges!

I will be posting further rules for the event in the near future. We are just working out a few small details. The missions are tentatively set to follow the current NOVA draft primer.

So come one come all!

Huzzah hobbies located as specified on their website. Please call Chris and let him know you will be coming so we can get an idea on attendance. Sppace is (sorta) limited.

Also in news, I will be attending the monthly RTT hosted by Your Hobby Store on January 12th. So if you want to come meet myself or some of the other NOVA crew, please feel free to stop by! It's always a good time.

My current activity:

I've been feverishly painting my Chaos SM's as much as possible while wife + child are not present. This has been with mixed results. Since these models are for Adepticon ultimately, they need to look pretty good. This means a painstaking slow process of touching up small details and making sure I don't miss anything. I'm attempting to avoid the mad rush which occurred last year, two weeks before the event of painting 50+ ork boyz & a ton of other vehicles, not to mention the months leading up to it of losing many a night after work painting models. It's fun to paint, but not 5 days at week for months on end.

Photos from last years Adepticon Team Tourney

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