Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Painting: Making bases and Chaos SM progress

Good Morning all!

So this will be a picture heavy post. Yesterday I successfully made 87 skull, bones and blood bases for my Chaos SM army (80 25mm, 5 40mm, 1 bike, 1 60mm). They sat overnight to let the liquid water effects dry and I've now mounted about a few of my mostly finished models to them. I really like the way they look.

For anyone following along, to do the bases:
 Supplies: Secret Weapon Minatures Red Black wash
                 Secret Weapon Minatures liquid water effects
                 GW Paints: Khorne Red
                 GW Paints: Rotting Flesh
                 GW Paints: Palid Flesh
                 GW Paints: Reikland Fleshshade (previously Ogryn Wash)
                 GW Paints: Rhinox Hide
                 GW Paints: Ushabti Bone
87 Bases, woo. The right 40 have been
drybrushed, the left 40 only washed.
The difference is very noticiable.
1) Base coat with Rhinox Hide (Brown).
2) Do a quick brush over all the skeletal bits with the Ushabti Bone, don't worry about getting some onto the brown based areas, just make sure you coat the skeletons
3) Wash the skeletal bits with the Reikland Fleshshade. Let it sit for about 30 minutes to make sure it really dried
4) Drybrush the skeletal bits with the Rotting Flesh
5) Drybrush the skeletal bits with palid flesh
6) VERY LIGHTLY drybrush the skeletal bits with white(optional)

adding a few drops, the other two sides
have already been done.
7) Place 3-4 drops of the secret weapon miniatures liquid water effects into the desired location, then using a toothpick or similar tool, mix a very small amount of Khorne Red into the liquid water until it reaches a desired shade

mixing in the Khorne Red
with a toothpick
8) place 1 (2 for larger bases) drop of the Red Black wash into a center or deeper portion of the base. Use the toothpick to spread out the darker areas to give the effect of varying depths of blood.

adding a few drops of
red black
Allow to sit for at least 10 hours before touch. Note that the depth of the "liquid" water effects will shrink as water evaporates. So don't worry about accidentally adding to much.

Overall progress on the Chaos SM is going pretty swiftly. I'm at a stage now where I'm facing the prospect of painting 60 odd cultists. I want to do color themes in blocks of 20 so I can at least have a pretense of squad cohesion.

Same guys as before, now with highlights and a base
for the juggy lord! Note I am not using the W-Fantasy
base this model comes with. I decided after it was pointed out
to me by Jon P to use a 60mm base as in WH40k
Juggys of Khorne are also on 60mm bases.

The Screamers, under different lighting.

The Plaguebearers, finally on bases they still need
to have their eyes and a few other details painted

The Flamers, now on bases, they like the plaguebearers still need
some details painted like their eyes and mouths.

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