Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Painting: Further Chaos SM Construction

 After destroying my airbrush's spray nozzle by accidentally over tightening it. I decided to not be lazy and wait for the new one to arrive by post and just get started on the armies bases. I spent several hours today painting all 86 bases a Skorched Brown base.

I also did a test paintjob on a screamer and liked it so much I painted the other two right away. I started with a Grey basecoat, then used a Ultramarines Blue base, after that I did an Fleshcolor wash, then drybrushed with two successively lighter blues. The beaks are done with a bone color with a fleshcolor wash.

I also got excited about my plaguebearers and painted all 10 of them immediately. They started as a Skorched Brown base, with a Bien Green wash. Then successively lighter dry brushes of green. Then a final drybrush of palid white.

I did a bright gold highlight to my Khorne Lord and my daemon prince. While I don't plan on ever really using the daemon prince, I have him in case I score it as an upgrade for one of my models.

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