Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Triage Terrain LED kits - RTT At Huzzan Recap, New Fortification review

Soooo.. I could make up excuses as to why I havn't posted in a while, but who needs those!? Lets just get on with the 40k!
So FIRST! I lit up my helldrake with some lighting kits from TriageTerrain. TriageTerrain is now wicked awesome, mostly because they dropped their prices on their kits by half! That's crazy! So you can now light up all of your army really cheaply! (5 dollars a kit) I'd suggest going there and picking up some LED kits. They also have just components if you think you're a smarty pants and just want parts.
Why I really like their kits? Because they are essentially plug and play. Each wire comes with a socket you simply plug the next connector into. No need to glue, solder, or otherwise figure out how to join wires. They also include instructions for wiring, and necessary resistors ect to make sure you don't blow up the LED light. (I had a green one I blew up by removing the resistor, it was kinda cool but .. sad).  Sooo BAM!
BAM! Suck on that non lit up helldrakes!
Go cry in the corner with your jealousy.

SOOO. Two weeks prior I ran an RTT at Huzzah Hobbies, As normal this RTT was on the 3rd Sunday of every month. Meaning our next one is on August 18th.

This event was well attended, with 18 people in attendance! Woo! Pizza was had by all, and sodas, and doughnuts! Everyone likes doughnuts right? Sure...

So our winners were, Eric H, with "Flavor of the month". Anthony with Dark Eldar, and third place was to.. um, I seriously forgot his name! I'm sorry. I'll update the blog post later with your proper name!

In keeping with our (Jon P and I) tradition of having a wild card prize instead of 4th place, this time we decided to go with the person in the statistical dead center of Win/Loss and battlepoints of the pack picking up the  4th award.

 Some highlights of the event included Pierre attempting to tank shock 3-4 kroot squads which had perfectly lined up in his backfield with his razorback wall. A guy who brought conscripts (you know, the buddies who come back to life after dying), Andrew G rolling about a billion 1's in a row vs. dark eldar turn 1 (never a good thing) and a hyper-enthusiastic ringer utilizing the new fortifications to see how good they were.

So congrats to all the gamers. I think everyone had a good time! I'm looking forward to seeing everyone again later this month. It's last ditch chance to practice those nova lists before the NOVA!


Speaking of using those fortifications. I love them. Adore them. I want to pet them and take them to bed with me. They're soo pretty......

Ok no seriously though, they are really good. The battlecannon fortifications work a little like this. Deploying an AV14 building that automatically fires a BS2, S8 AP3, Ordinance, 72" large blast at the closest legal target. You can place the template anywhere you want over said unit, just make sure the unit itself is the closest. If you opt for what I consider the shittier version of the fortification, it has the punisher cannon. 20 shots, S5, AP -, but its also 10 pts cheaper.

The building itself is a little larger than a rhino (see the picture for size comparisons). It provides impassible 3+ cover saves (being a fortification). Currently, due to the language of the guns being purchased for them, the thoughts in the NOVA area, is that they can not be targeted separately.

So you set up these bad boys during the terrain phase of deployment, and watch your opponent squirm! They can be set up anywhere no your board half, and don't need to be next to each other. I find myself deploying them on opposite board ends to ensure they always get a decent target. It also keeps them from dying together to a determined assault.

Also, all you Tyranid players out there upset you couldn't make use of weapons like the quad-gun, here you go. These guys auto-fire, meaning, you can use them!

So, that should illustrate why they are good.

Also they look really cool, seriously, when all painted up.

The other fortification, the firestorm redoubt, is essentially a bastion which is not very tall (just taller than a razorback), but fires 4 BS 2 twin linked las cannons a turn at the closest flying target, and failing that, closest target period. It can be occupied and has one gun slit in the front like a bunker. So again, tyranids rejoice! You can park some gaunts inside and fire 4 lascannons a turn for the low low price of a ton of points.

Next Post - The finish of the IFL league.


  1. So you were the hyper-enthusiastic ringer?

    I only got that from your very entertaining post, then from the "SURPRISEEEE IT WAS ME ALL ALONG!" lol

  2. You know, effectively getting 2 x Leman Russ tanks for 170 points is pretty lolzy. :)