Thursday, August 22, 2013

Why Microsoft Customer Service Sucks, and why I recomend never purchasing from them.

You'll have to have patience with me for this post 40k fans. Sorry. I'm irritated beyond belief, and this being my blog. I really need to vent and get it out there. This is the story and part of an email I sent to Microsoft support, and to make good on my communication indicating I would tell everyone I knew how bad their shit stinks, this is said spreading of message.

Oh and a black legion codex thoughts coming next post, as well as the RTT recap.

Want to guess what the problem was? I ordered a Microsoft surface pro, 128, ($900) for my wife,  from their online store. I paid using a Debit card (mistake 1), and then when it arrived broken, expected the quick return / replacement of said device with a working one (mistake 2)

So the trigger for this rage post, was after spending multiple days and hours on the phone with Microsoft, I finally got an email indicating I was receiving a refund, and thank you very much for my time. I could re-purchase the product I had returned to Microsoft once my bank account clears the funds.

While this isn't exactly the worst result ever (at least I get my money back, theoretically, as its not actually in my bank account yet). The irritation of having multiple customer service reps assure me that an exchange would occur, I would be sent a new device, and all the hours wasted on the phone with idiocy just infuriates me.

The customer service I’ve received has been some of the worst I’ve ever experienced. It took multiple phone calls over several days, hours on the phone, lots of times being transferred between different reps and departments, and then to add insult to injury, Microsoft still screwed up handling my exchange request. 

Oh and the total joy, was whenever I talked to a new rep, I'd have to repeat the entire story / situation to get them up to speed, as apparently the logs they kept with my reference numbers were minimal / nonexistent. Usually about the time they understood my problem (15 mins or so of communication), and that I just wanted a simple exchange, it would be time to transfer me again! Maybe they have a buzzer? like chess-clocks?

Seriously, let’s examine the chain of events. First, the number of reference numbers I got just so people know I'm not bullshitting.





1) I order a surface pro from Microsoft's online store, overnight shipping, which somehow ends up being 4 days later.

2) Receive surface pro, the device is broken and cannot power on, even after following all troubleshooting steps and confirming that the power cord works and is charging the product correctly.

3) I call customer service at the Microsoft store to get an exchange on my device, something which should NOT be difficult, at all

4) After being bounced around for literally an hour and a half between the surface pro tech support department, and the Microsoft store customer service, I finally get someone to who agrees to handle my exchange for me. It is made clear I want an exchange, with a new working device sent to me, and to return the old one ASAP, as the device is intended for a student about to attend classes at university. Both the surface tech rep and the customer service rep agreed to this, and said this would be the case.

5) A shipping label is sent to me, via email, which is utilized to ship back the device.

6) I mail the device back to Microsoft on Friday of the same week from a UPS store.

7) Later, I receive an email from a "Joe", who sends me yet another return label instruction, as well as notifies me that my return will be processed

8) I write back to Joe, stating my confusion and indicating that I had already received a shipping label and provide said reference

9) Joe writes back and says he will close the case then

10) This week, I check the tracking number to see that the device was returned properly. I had not received any new information from Microsoft for the device I was expecting, so I call the Microsoft customer service again. I get bounced around for approximately an hour and a half (coincidence? maybe they have a timing clock to see if people drop off), and then sit on hold approximately 45 minutes while the reps between the surface technical support and the customer service department work it out. Eventually, I am told that a manager for the customer service department will contact me later this week, and my problem will be sorted out by said manager. Ref: 1214745360

So then I received the email mentioned at the beginning of this post, which is extremely unhelpful, does not provide me a solution, other than to repurchase a product which could have easily been exchanged.
I, apparently idiotically, trustingly purchased the surface pro on my debit card rather than using a credit card. Microsoft's solution apparently is to force me to wait until the cash is returned to my bank account, and then have me charge it again.
Never mind that Microsoft is essentially holding onto my money for a period of time, forcing a delay on a product which was needed THIS WEEK, and will be unable to re-purchase for an extended time period due to the way bank accounts are credited.
 (Assuming I wanted to, which I don't).

Oh! and something I just now remembered, one of the repeated solutions offered to me by the "customer service" people, was to use my card to immediately "purchase" a new product over the phone, and then wait for a refund on my previous product. This as you can imagine, pissed me off a great deal. Yes Microsoft, let me hand you an extra $1,000, to replace a product which was defective, and I can trustingly wait for you to refund me.

It's freaking stupid.

Don't buy from Microsoft, they suck.


  1. At the beginning of this year, I would have veen VERY surprised by this post. Since I have had trouble installing the Office 365 product I purchased and have been very frustrated with the difficulty in getting an actual Microsoft person to help me, or even the ability to navigate within my Microsoft account, I am not surprised.

    What frustrates me is how they go out of their way to avoid talking to you. A company as large as Microsoft should have live chat available online or an easy to find button to email a question. This is not the case. When I click "help" or "support," I don't want the "Microsoft Community" of users...I want a Microsoft representative. smh Oh well. I will delegate a block of time to sit down and find the proper number to call and hope I can get my issue resolved. Hopefully the Lord will give me favor so it will only take one phone call.

  2. Well I can say that nothing much has changed. Now that they do have chat those folks only state what you want to hear. This is what happened to me when I tried to order the surface pro 2.

    Placed a pre-order and Chase bank flagged it as a fraud attempt. I talked to the bank and even had a bank rep talk to MS support. MS support said that everything would be fine and the problem was noted and a charge would be made on the credit card later that day. The charge never happened and I called the next day.

    The second call to MS support the rep had told me that the tablet was being shipped that day and that the charged would not be placed on my credit card until it arrived at the house.

    Two days later I called since I didn't see any status change in the order number. I asked to speak to a supervisor after being told the same thing that was told to me on the second call.

    The supervisor told me that charges are only attempted on the weekend and that I would get an email notice on Friday allowing me a chance to change my credit card information. Well Friday came and I got an email. I reentered my credit card info and the webpage said it could not process the information and to call the MS support number. As the person is telling me that the item is about to be shipped I see an email telling me that the order was cancelled. I explained that to the support person and after she said "Oh". She asked me if I would like to reorder the item with a later delivery date.

    So basically, a product that I ordered on Oct 2nd with a ship date of 21st would now have to be pushed back to Dec 15 with no guarantee that the same thing would not happen again. Clearly customer support has no authority to change or override pre-order purchases whether mistakes are made or not. Also the fact that this automated charging process which makes charge attempts to credit cards on the weekend in the middle of the night is going to look suspicious to another automated systems which flags fraud attempts on those credit cards.

    1. Ever since Microsoft required a security challenge to my xboxlive account, my online gamertag has become inactive. I can't log onto to it because the email address I used doesn't exist anymore. Even if I did the validation required who can remember info on a email that has been gone for years. I also forgot my password because it was auto sign in and you can't remember it. I have went thru countless calls to xboxlive support. My isuue has been escalated 5 or 6 times, each time I have to wait 2 weeks for a response. This has been going on for months. I had 3 tier Xbox support call couldn't take the call, asked tech support if they notes, they didn't leave any notes whatsoever. I'm going to PlayStation, I literally exhausted after each call to Xbox support.

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  3. Microsoft needs to be voted worst company customer service. The company makes small simple issues complex beyond comprehension. I ordered an Xboxone, and I'm unable to sign for it when UPS arrives. This is nothing new because I have a strange work schedule. It's easier for me to pick it up at the UPS shipping place. However, Microsoft is not allowing anyone to pick the item up, huh?! The only options are to either wait until the next business day (Monday) or have them leave the package at the front door.
    There is hope though, The UPS shipping center will allow pick up as long as Microsoft lifts the restriction. To make a long story short, after an hour wait I'm told by a Microsoft Supervisor that the best option is to let UPS leave the package on the door step because picking it up poses a threat on my identity, but if I decided to have this done UPS and MS are not responsible for lost or stolen items… New Flash!!!! I need my driver's license or proper identification to pick the package up! After stating the obvious, I was still turned away and had no choice but to return the package since I'm going to be away on business for 30 days. Dealing with Microsoft is like getting a tooth pulled when you don't need to have it pulled. Why does it have to be so hard for something so obviously easy ?

  4. So listen to this experience (still ongoing).

    I purchase in advance an XBOX One system in August through Microsoft (big mistake). Nov 22 the system arrived. On Sat Nov 23rd I plugged it in and upon placing a game in the console it made a loud clicking noise. Bad disc drive. I was one of the few percentage that had a defective system.
    Sat 23rd

    Called support, waited on hold for 90 min, level 1 support said we know about the issue and you will need a replacement. You have 2 options: We send you a new system and you return your bad system within 2 weeks OR you send the bad system in and then we send you the replacement system.

    I chose option 1. However upon making this choice she said I need a credit card. I told her I have no card with available $500 to give you as I just spent that money on this system which does not work. "No no no sir. We only need the card number and nothing is needed to hold cash while we send you a new system. Only if you do not send us back the new system within 2 weeks will we hunt you down". Ok sounds good. We will get one shipped out right away.

    No shipping yet. I called back in and told we cant see it shipped but it might be because the shipping department does not update your account or service request. Ok then. How about that free downloadable game I heard about. We can give that to you but the program is down. You will have to call back on that.

    No call/no shipping data. New person. Repeat all my info all over again. I get my free downloadable game and told it definitely shipped and you should receive it sometime soon but can't tell me when.

    Call in for shipping update. Told I am getting it 100% by Tuesday. Here is an email for you to track it. The link to the shipping and tracking doesnt work. I was told to check back in 24 hours and see if it works.

    Link doesnt work to check shipping still. Get support on chat. Told you are getting it tomorrow rest assured.

    UPS comes and goes. No XBOX One. Call support. We are backed up. The service person should have noted that in your email to track this it could be up to 14 business days. I forward her the email showing no where in the email does it say anything about 14 days. I am told the XBOX is backed up for replacements and will be shipped out by mid week next week.

    I call for an update. Told it will be shipping within a couple days.
    Later I receive an email. Your replacement is order is cancelled due to insufficient funds on your credit card.

    I call support. I explain that the original support person said i dont need sufficient funds. "Sorry sir. You should not have been told that. You do need the money. If you don't have it you need to send the bad one back 1st. Unfortunately, I dont even see your service request as cancelled yet. Can you check tomorrow with Support?"

    Call support and receive a FEDEX label. Drive to FEDEX depot and ship the entire xbox out to Texas.
    Later that day I receive an email stating that when you ship your XBOX 360 system out (the wrong system!!) please only send the console and no accessories. I already sent the whole damn thing. And to where? Somewhere different than where it needed to go as it was a different system all together.

    Call Support and talk to a supervisor and told this should have never happened. I said since I shipped the whole thing out, what will I get back just a console with no accesories and have to fight you guys to get a controller, power supply, etc? I can't go through that after everything I have been through.

    As of current I am waiting for a Tier 3 support person (highest) to call me back. I was told I will get a new system. I said if I dont you better be ready to fully refund me.

    Every time I call I have to re-explain the whole story and go through SEVERAL cases opened. No continuity and the most herendous support organization on the planet!

  5. Microsoft is one of the worst company there. Even if I like Xbox a lot and windows pretty well from now I wont even think about buying anything more from them. Spent like 4 hours last week on the live support for a god damn 20$ refund that I deserved from far and another 2 hours for changing my region to USA. They are completely useless. PIECES OF USELESS SHITS that only know to ask some nice questions at the beginning and then acting like idiots. I have been a huge fan of Microsoft for few years but now i understand perfectly why everyone complains about them so much. I am thinking of switching completely to MAC and Playstation for gaming, I dont think that it could be possible something worst than that.