Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Huzzah Hobbies RTT June 16th, 1850k 40k.

Good Morning All

Quick reminder. 40k RTT upcoming at Huzzah Hobbies this Sunday.  If you are attending I would appreciate a phone call in advance to mark you down. 703-466-0460. Entry is 15$ as normal, Please show up around 10am, we will start pairings at 10:30 and games will kick off shortly there after. If you are running late, just give us a call and we'll have you play the ringer for round 1 or set you up vs. another late arrival. So don't let that stop you from coming!
Space is pretty much unlimited, so come  come all!

Three round event, NOVA open format. Any questions let me know.

Huzzah hobbies offers 10% off of GW prices for product, so do some GW shopping there!

Also want to mention that the 11th company GT, and NOVA open GT, while a ways off, are very much so open for registration! Go purchase a ticket now before its to late!


So this week being what it is, and work being how it's been, I haven't had time for any games this week but I'm still plotting like crazy for "uber" lists. I'm leaning towards Daemons currently. I've been painting my Chaos Sm/ Daemons army to enhance / finish remaining elements. My other side project is painting the other half of my dark vengeance box sets, which gives me a deathwing / ravenwing army set.  I could combine this with Tau so i have an answer to Helldrake / flyer spam. So several directions to go there. Can also re-work my orks possibly and give them another go. Havn't yet had my tester games, so i'll post those up as soon as I do.

So instead I found some funny demotivational posters that made me laugh.

Yes, sooooon. / Furious charge

Reference: Eldar and tau.

Eldar Air, once everyone realizes its pretty decent.

What GW thinks of us, I'm sure.

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  1. I get the idea of having a consistent "third Sunday of every month" tourney, but it is Father's Day. Hallmark Holiday or not, people will have obligations that come before Warhammer. I wish this one was pushed back a week. Hope all goes well and to be there next month.