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Huzzah Hobbies RTT June 16th, 1850pts. Battle Report vs. SM/IG

Good Afternoon all!

Let me remind everyone. Huzzah Hobbies monthly RTT will be held this Sunday June 16th! SHOW UP! woo! 15 dollar entry fee gets you lunch, a few drinks, and a chance at prize support! All money invested is returned as food or prize support.

Over the weekend I had a very pleasurable game vs. Matt with his Space Marines / Imperial Guard army.

His list:  Matt "Sigmar"   +++ (1848pts) +++

* Primaris Psyker (70pts)

* Guardsman Marbo (65pts)

* Infantry Platoon (240pts)
   * Infantry Squad (60pts)
     * Sergeant (10pts) Laspistol, Power Weapon (10pts)
   * Infantry Squad (60pts)
     * Sergeant (10pts) Laspistol, Power Weapon (10pts)
   * Infantry Squad (60pts)
    * Sergeant (10pts) Laspistol, Power Weapon (10pts)

* Platoon Command Squad (60pts)
   4x Flamer (20pts), Krak Grenades (5pts)

   * Vendetta (130pts) 2 Twin-linked Lascannons

* Librarian (130pts)  (And They Shall Know no Fear, Combat Tactics, Independent Character, Psyker) Force Dome, Null Zone, Storm Bolter (5pts), Terminator Armour (25pts)

* Dreadnought (125pts) Twin-Linked Autocannon (10pts), Twin-Linked Autocannon (10pts)

     * 5x Scout (90pts)  5x Camo Cloaks (15pts), Missile Launcher (10pts), 4x Sniper Rifle
      * Scout Sergeant (26pts)  Bolt Pistol, Camo Cloak (3pts), Sniper Rifle

     * 5x Scout (90pts) 5x Camo Cloaks (15pts), Missile Launcher (10pts), 4x Sniper Rifle
       * Scout Sergeant (26pts) Bolt Pistol, Camo Cloak (3pts), Sniper Rifle

     * 4x Scout (52pts) 4x Combat Blade
       * Scout Sergeant (53pts) Melta Bombs (5pts), Power Fist (25pts), Shotgun

* Stormtalon Gunship (145pts) (Aerial Assault, Escort Craft, Hover Strike, Supersonic)
Typhoon Missle Launcher (35pts)

* Stormtalon Gunship (145pts) (Aerial Assault, Escort Craft, Hover Strike, Supersonic)
Typhoon Missle Launcher (35pts)

* Stormraven Gunship (261pts) (Assault Vehicle, Ceramite Plating, Power of the Machine Spirit)
Extra Armour (5pts), Hurricane Bolters (30pts), Searchlight (1pts), 4x Storm Strike Missile, Twin Linked Assault Cannons, Typhoon Missile Launcher (25pts)

* Thunderfire Cannon (100pts)

* Thunderfire Cannon (100pts)

Matt watches The Regular show, and thus gets UBER props right off the get go. The only person I know who watches it is my buddy JP who is an outstanding human being.

Ok so I forgot to take a game 1 photo. The mission was Killpoints. Matt opted to let me go first.

I deployed directly across with a very spread out line. A maulerfiend and lord on both sides, plague drones in the middle with the soul-grinder. Turn 1, fastest turn ever, i just ran at him like a crazy man.

Turn 1- Matt used his T-Fires to great effect to put a wound on my juggy lord, kill 3 regular spawn, and one nurgle spawn. He also tried to puppet master my soul grinder, which unfortunately failed to hit (as its a witchfire), for lolz, we rolled it out to see what would have happened in hypothetical, and as it turns out, the soul grinder would have shot his ordnance, which boomeranged back onto him, blowing himself up.... Sooo I dodged a bullet there!

As photographed, this is the top of turn 2. All i've done is bring helldrake onto the table. I rolled my reserves and got everything. I continued my charge across, setting setting up for Plague Drones, Nurgle Spawn, and juggy lord to hit the blob guard squad. The maulerfiend to hit the auto-cannon dread, and the maulerfiend on left to hit the scout squad in the far corner.

After this, helldrake killed 3/5 members of the scout squad. The maulerfiend in that corner failed its charge. Juggy lord + spawn failed their charge. Black Mace lord + his spawn + plague drones make their charges into the blob. Maulerfiend charges dreadnought. Soul grinder fires his cannon ineffectually. The maulerfiend blows up the dread for first blood. The plague drones + mace lord slaughter their way so well into the IG squad that we actually end the round out of the 6 inch move distance to keep combat continuing! So my guys end the round all standing around.

 Matt's Turn. All his reserves pop on. He focuses a vendetta and storm talon on killing helldrake, which unfortunately fails. He focus's the storm raven and other storm talon on killing the soul grinder, which also is not successful. This was to be a repeated theme, not for any lack of trying on his part, but an amazing amount of 5+ saves were made. The IG blob guard regroups and shoots down more spawn from juggy lords squad. The T-fires once again unleash upon my lines. Marbo blows up an entire cultist squad by himself.
 My end of Turn 3 Helldrake tries to vector strike a storm talon but fails. Flames a techmarine ineffectually. Soul-Grinder fires at a storm talon and fails. Maulerfiend + plague drones focus on the remains of the blob guard. At the end of it, only the SM Libby is left standing, and he manages to escape without running off the board, to rally and cause havoc on Matt's turn. The juggy lord and spawn park themselves in the primarus psyker + scout squad where they hang in CC for several turns. The maulerfiend on the far left finally makes his charge into the two remaining scout squad guys wiping them out. The black mace lord heads over to the far left ruins with his spawn so he can send them after the techmarine sitting on the top level of the ruin (as its in-accessible to both the bike lord + the maulerfiend). I shoot marbo with 10 las pistols, and somehow miraculously managed to kill him. Matt spends this turn trying to kill the soul grinder, by launching a meltabomb assaulty squad out of the storm raven at it, while shooting the snot out of it and killing more of my troops with a  storm talon. The second storm talon moves to try and kill the maulerfiend on far left.

After two rounds of combat, the soul grinder has killed the squad sent to end him, and only has 1 hp remaining. Matt blows up my maulerfiend on the left with a combination of storm talon + vendetta shooting. All of my troops are evaporated except for 5 plaguebearers by command squad flame throwers and a storm talon. My helldrake vector strikes said storm talon in revenge and explodes it. Maulerfiend parks himself in combat with the SM libby, who actually holds his own for several rounds but eventually goes splat. Nurgle spawn assault the techmarine, and eventually die to him /sadface! Plague drones + herald kill the techmarine on the far right.

 Soulgrinder failing his assault vs. the hovering stormraven who blows him up next turn.
Helldrake revenges himself on the command squad with his flamer. Plaguebearers hide like wimps. Maulerfiend fails his charge, but juggy lord makes it, stunning the storm raven allowing the maulerfiend to blow it up the following turn.
Going for kp, Matt moves the vendetta and las-cannons the juggy lord to death. He shoots the storm talon at something else, killing it I think. My helldrake then vector strikes the second storm talon out of the sky, while the vendetta (which had to hover to get shots off at the juggy lord) is assaulted by the plaguebearers + maulerfiend and dies. Over on the far left, the black mace lord just barely manages to kill the techmarine in CC after several rounds.


So this was a great game. Matt had a really good sense of humor which made this a lot of fun.

We both had an interesting situation on our hands in this game. On the one hand, my army excels at ground assault, it's good at running around fast and killing in assault. It pretty much sucks at taking on air or ranged shooting though if it can't reach it fast enough. Matt's army on the other hand, had no substantial assault elements, but plenty of difficult to touch shooting and good firepower. Had I not managed to pass so many 5+ saves with my vehicles earlier on (esp with helldrake/soul grinder), this might have had a very different outlook as Matt could have then focus fired on every unit that wasn't a plaguedrone (as lets be honest, those guys do not really die to shooting if there are ruins on the board), probably eliminating vast swaths of my army fairly easily. Marbo dying to las pistols was also kind of bad, he should have lived longer I think and probably would have gotten another KP for Matt.

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