Thursday, June 27, 2013

IFL Game 5

Good Morning!

Earlier this week I played my IFL week five game vs. Ben. Unfortunately, we ran out of time so will need to rematch within the next few weeks. However, as we played a full 4 turns so I figured I'd post up what we had. His list is the last photo. Mission goals -  4 objectives, one in each corner, whoever controlled more won 2 points, a center objective worth 1 point by itself, and then points for linebreaker and slay the warlord. Deployment was hammer and anvil, no night fight, and I gave Ben first turn.

 We deployed as thus, Ben is rolling his powers for the turn in this pic. His tervigons had a mix of iron arms and endurance. His flyrant rolled iron arm.

Ben moved forward two tervigons and some gaunt squads. He exhausted one or two Tervigons this turn rolling doubles for spawning. He moved his flyrant directly into my line shooting at the nurgle lord spawn, putting a wound on the lord and one spawn.
I moved forward and shot all my guns excluding the juggernaut lords pistol at the flyrant. Only one gun hit (soul grinder) giving him a wound, but he passed his grounding check. The juggernaut lord w/ his spawn multi-charged a gaunt squad and Tervigon which had strayed to close. Unfortunately I forgot it was iron armed so I only did 1 wound to it. I charged a maulerfiend into a smaller gaunt squad to prevent them from counter charging me on the following turn. I forgot to jump my plague drones in the assault phase..

Top of turn 2 - during reserves
 The picture to the left is the top of turn 2, Ben has started his reserves and the Doom of M'lanti has arrived right in the middle of my army. His Ymaryl opted to arrive from the middle piece of terrain, and then charge into combat with the juggy lord and his spawn. During turn 2, Ben flew his flyrant forward vector striking a maulerfiend, and then shot its rear armor, causing it to be immobilized. His tervigon continued to beat down my juggy lord giving him two wounds, taking none in return. The ymargyls rip up the spawn pretty good, but their high toughness and an armor save this round saves them from taking more than two wounds from them. Spawn kill two genestealers and a gaunt in return. The black mace lord and his spawn multicharge a larger gaunt squad and the gaunts locked in with the maulerfiend. As it turns out the multi-charge was unecesary as the maulerfiend clears his gaunts on his own. The black mace lord and company end up locked in combat with two fearless gaunts. Helldrake comes on from reserves, vector strikes the flyrant failing to do any wounds, and kills a gaunt squad. Plague drones hop forward, assault a tervigon (whose bubble wrap was removed by the dragon), and kill it. My soul grinder assaults the doom of m'lanti, killing it. Also one of my cultist squads came on and ran for the objective in the ruin.
Top of turn 3 during movement

Turn 3 ! Ben moves his flyrant next to the soul-grinder to charge it, and manages to pen it twice and blow it up on the charge! His gaunts in the backfield assault the plague drones and manage to lock them in combat. His hive guard shoot at the maulerfiend but don't have any effect. The tervigon kills the juggy lord on the top of 3(Ben's turn), but in return the spawn finish off the gaunts and genestealers in the combat. So fair trade, maybe? Ben also charges his free tervigon into combat with the nurgle lord after spawning gaunts to assist with it. Nurgle lord and he get locked in a challenge, neither side giving ground.
On my turn 3, the maulerfiend charges into the tervigon, killing it. Helldrake moves forward ineffectually. Red spawn + maulerfiend consolidate into middle ruins. Plague drones finish off the gaunt squad and consolidate into the ruins. Plaguebearers attempt to land on Ben's backfield objective but scatter off quite a distance (and promptly die to biovore shooting next turn)

Bottom of turn 4 when we called it
Turn 4

Ben moves his flyrant into position to either contest, or help the tervigon in combat as needed (as it was undetermined due to biovores not having shot at the plaguebearers yet). His trygon attempts to come in near my objective but scatters to far. (we forgot to roll his run move to see if he got back into contest distance, however we deemed him as contesting it becauase the store was trying to push us out the door, so that's why he looks out of position). His hive guard shoot at and wreck the maulerfiend. Tervigon gives the black mace lord a wound in combat, and black mace lord has now given two wounds to the tervigon (don't remember which turns). Spawns have killed the remaining gaunts and are hanging out as a dance party watching the lords duke it out. I assault Ben's hive guard + tyranid prime with the plague drones + nurgle herald. I wipe out all the hive guard and leave the prime with two wounds left i think.

So at this point, the dream wizards staff were insisting we pack it up and go. So we had to call it, bottom of turn 4. As pictured fairly well above. As the only troops left on the board was Ben's tervigon, who was not in a position to take the objective, and my cultists, one of which was being contested by a trygon, the others, needed turn 5 to make it to the objective, assuming they lived somehow through biovore shooting. Given that we would both had linebreaker, first blood was mostly irrelevant, and neither of us could claim any of the objectives on this turn effectively, and it was likely our warlords were both about to die, we called the game a tie, until such time as we get a rematch in.

Both of us got beat up pretty good this game. See  the pic below. I tallied up the VP's as I got a little excited and wanted to see game results.

 Ben had remaining a wounded Tervigon worth full VP, a more than half wounded Flyrant worth half VP, two biovore squads worth full VP, and a trygon worth full VP.

 I had left a regular spawn squad worth half VP, a nurgle spawn squad worth full VP, the plague drones + nurgle herald worth full vp, the helldrake worth full vp, a maulerfiend worth half VP and  two cultist squads worth either full or - no VP depending how how we wanted to play it out.

So, the net summary is, we are going to have a rematch to finish out the game properly with time.

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