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Huzzah Hobbies RTT Feb 2nd, Recap and photos!

Morning all!

So we successfully concluded our RTT at Huzzah hobbies over the weekend. Everything went smoothly and we got to test out the new NOVA missions plus paint scoring!

A special thanks goes to Huzzah Hobbies for being such a great host! We hope to do another RTT there in the near future.

So recap in case you don't want to go through the wall of text / photos


Two undefeated

1) Pierre Daze - Space Wolves
2) Robert Tilly - Spacewolves / Blood Angels

Best Overall

Andrew Blackwell  - Space Wolves

Event Staff

James Watkins  - TO / NOVA
Jon Pryts - TO / NOVA

Mike Brandt - NOVA
Mike (Shades) - Paint Judge /  NOVA

Bob Likens - Paint Judge / NOVA
Mike Summerville - Head Judge / NOVA

Ethan  - Photography / NOVA
Chris -  Huzzah Hobbies!

I'm sure Mike will put up his thoughts and event feedback shortly so i'll try and keep it more general.

We had filled our 20 spots, and had several people on the wait list. Day of, only 14 showed up. We called the folks on the wait list and those who were unable to make it to see what was going on. It seems it was just one of those days, ranging from car issues, illness and even one hospitalization.

Lesson to all of you out there in the future, always show up if you want to go an event! PEOPLE ALWAYS DROP THE DAY OF!

It was ok though, 14 people is still a good event, it just meant we could not give out an invitational ticket for the winner ( as we needed the full 20 ). But it did mean that the prize support we had could now be spread out a bit better.

We started the day off with 3 dozen doughnuts from shoppers, which in case you have not seen, are enormous and amazing. Games started at 11:10, and we broke for lunch at 1:50. We got pizza and sodas for the entire crew, and apparently hit the supply needs right on the nose as there were only 3-4 slices left over when the dust settled. Games got off without a hitch, and the last game ended at 8. We had people out the door by 8:30. So all and all not so bad time wise.

Other than the notes I'll add for the photos below, I'll just mention that I personally find it really difficult to be a TO. It has nothing to do with my ability to judge, make rules calls, organize, or talk to people. I just get agitated because when I see all those games, I want to play too! So it kind of grates on me the entire time as I constantly want to jump in on the action. So its not difficult in a bad way.

The gaming hall prior to games!

Badass display board with working fountain!

game 1, Lances Eldar vs. Orks

Chaos SM vs. SW / BA - round 1

The mighty asteroid board

More SW vs. Chaos SM round 1
round 1 - sw vs. IG gunline

Round 1 - SW vs. IG gunline

round 1. Orks vs. Eldar

round 1 - Seer council Eldar

Round 1 - SW vs. IG

round 1 - Chaos SM vs. SW

round 1 - Tyranid

round 1 - eldar

Round 1 - SW vs. IG

round 1 - orks vs. eldar

round 1 - chaos sm vs. SW

round 1 - orks vs. eldar

round 1 - jetseer eldar vs. SW

round 1 -  chaos SM vs. SW

round 1, epicness

Lances cool eldar display board, with working fountain and live plants

Lances cool eldar display board, with working fountain and live plants

Round 2 - Orks Vs. SW

Round 2 - Jetseer vs. Tau

round 2 - chaos SM vs. Tyranid

The NOVA staff hard at work

misc round 3 games

MISC round 3 games

round 3 - IG vs. TAU

Round 3 - top table, the begining

round 3 - top table turn 1

Round 3 - chaos SM vs. IG

round 3 - SW vs. Eldar

Round 3 -deep in on top table

round 2 - SW vs. SW

round 1 - orks vs. Eldar

round 2 - misc gaming

round 3 - top table, jeetseer vs. SW

round 3 - top table, jetseer vs. sw

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