Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Lists for SVDM and Painting Update

Good Morning All!

I hope everyone in the U.S enjoyed that glorious three day weekend, I know I did! I even managed to bully my way into being on the 11th company podcast! So enjoy hearing my mistakes or saying things best left not said! Suckers! bwahhaha! or .. something.

So some updates on painting. Eric came by most of the day Saturday after he overslept like a boss and we worked (or I should say, HE worked, I was on baby duty) on trying to finish our display boards for Adepticon. This year we designed a board that can be broken into two separate boards, that way after the event we can both go run our separate ways with them. Right now they have some glaring issues due to the hazards of cutting pink foam in straight lines... But some fixes with putty should put them right.

Our theme, as previous mentioned is the Siege of Vrakks, so we envisioned a ww1 looking landscape with craters and trenches, and the giant wall the defenders of Vrakks used... So that's what we made!

Board needs the gap fixed and dry brushing for the trench
So on the left are the two boards. They need some more dry brushing, the gap in the middle needs to be fixed up a bit, and the trench walls need some work. Luckily we have two months to do them.. These are already a far shot better than last years, lets do it the night before attempt though, so I'm happy.

also two separate squads, one squad is red/black, the other is black/green
On the left here are two of my cultists. You'll note the base of the left one is chipped and not a solid brown. I had to go through my entire army and repaint the base edges to clean it up.

Here is the entire mess all in one go, excluding the helldrake. In case it's not obvious, they are on paper towels to keep the table from getting messed up from painting the edges brown. In my box of "to do", I still have another 15 marines, 20 cultists, 1 slaughterfiend and 3 hellbrutes. I know hellbrutes are not so great, I just love the models.

Then I was "forced" to go on a rather pleasant outdoor excursion, to the place on the left. (HISS SUNLINGHT) I just thought I'd post it because it looks rather nice.

So what else is news? I was beat by Matt's Jetseer in a game of big guns never tire. Game ended on turn 5 with tied objectives, but he won on the kill heavy's, warlord and first blood. Jetseer for anyone who hasn't played against it, can easily be one of the most aggravating lists in the world to play against. That is, if you play how I do. I.e. Charge in full of steam and ready for blood.

Side note, First blood, is the worst freaking game design in the world.

If you ever have to play against it, my best advise to you, spread out, play cagey, kill the enemy's troops, and only commit later in the game (turn 3 on). Spagghetti Monster help you should your opponent get the warlord trait to make his HQ a scoring unit.

That is unless you are Daemons, or triple helldrake, or space wolves w/ rune priests.

So SVDM Lists (2k), 'ere we go! I'm contemplating four different lists for SVDM, three of which I'll post here. One of which came to me last night after a suggestion from Neil, but is still in the crafting stage so I'll hold off posting it just yet.

List, the First.

Chaos lord w/ khorne, juggy, axe, gift of mutation, sigil of corruption

2x 10 Plague Zombies
1x 10 cultists

1x5 nurgle spawn
1x5 spawn
1x1 bale flamer dragon

1x1 maulerfiend (magmacutter)
2x1 nurgle oblits

The Masque

2x5 Plaguebearers
1x9 Screamers
1x8 Flamers

List, the Second.

Chaos lord w/ khorne, juggy, axe, gift of mutation, sigil of corruption

3x 10 Plague Zombies
1x 10 Cultists
1x 7 Plague Marines, 2 plasma guns, Meltabomb
        Rhino, Dirgecaster
1x7 Plague Marines, 2 Meltaguns, Meltabomb
        Rhino, Dirgecaster

1x5 Nurgle Spawn
1x5 Spawn
1x1 Baleflamer dragon

2x1 Maulerfiends
1x2 nurgle oblits

List, the Third.

Mega-armoured Warboss, Cybork, Boss Pole
Big Mek, KFF, Cybork, Burna

4x20 Shoota Boyz, PK/BP Nob, 2 Big Shootas
1x4 Meganobz, 4 combi-skorchas
        Battlewagon, Deffrolla, Big Shoota
1x11 Gretchin

3x1 Battlewagon, DeffRolla, Big Shoota

2x1 Dakkajet, Fighta Ace, TL supa Shoota (x3)

2x5 Lootas

I think all the lists are really good, I'm just struggling to determine which to take.

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