Saturday, February 16, 2013

Painting and more Painting! Chaos SM


Even though Adepticon is well on two months away, my team and I have been working hard on painting our models well in advance so as to ensure we are ready in time. Although we are still working out the final details of our lists, we are no longer bumping around in the dark. So we've been working on painting models which are most likely included into the final product.

I know I haven't mentioned running plague marines personally except for my last post, but I have been painting up a squad of chaos SM to use as "counts as anything" marines. I've been using mostly the models from the dark vengeance set. They actually have a really nice look and dynamic feel and I'm really happy with them.

To paint I've been basing black, then doing bases colors for red, gold, silver and bone. This is followed by a wash of ogryn / fleshcolor wash.  The model is then drybrushed all over with a very dark grey, mechanicus I think. The bone is drybrushed with rotting flesh. Afterwards I start highlighting with a bright gold, red and silver. Then do touchups with a watered down black.

For Adepticon we are using two different chaos SM armies, one is based on The Purge the other is based on Black Brethern of Ayreas.

My half (the brethren) of the army is at the "clean up and highlights" point, except for a few chaos rhinos we need to strip and repaint, for the glory of chaos!

I really like the dynamic posing of the models

Typhus, badass, once tried to get the better of the Lion. Failed horrifically of course, but still tried.

I tried to do some "heroic" posing not sure how that's working out. This is a much earlier in the process shot, note the guys are not even on their bases yet.

most of the crew lined up for a "progress" portrait

even unbased, typhus is a badass

I love the Chaos Icons, so cool

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