Tuesday, February 26, 2013

SVDM GT Recap!


I was unable to finish my ork posts due to preparation for the Saint Valentines Day Massacre GT over the last weekend. I'll resume them after this post. We went up semi-collectively as a group in the form of Andrew G, Eric H, Matt S and myself.

Below is a recap of my games and photos of others.

Each mission was worth a maximum of 18 battle points. A win  on the primary mission scored 10 points, a tie 5, and a loss 0. Each mission had 5 extra objective markers placed around the board by the players which could be captured by scoring units. In addition, line breaker, slay the warlord, and first blood were all worth 1 point.

I wasn't quite to sure on the particulars of the awards, I was finishing out a game when the ceremony started but I think Andrew G won best Imperial Player, Eric H won best overall xenos player, and Matt D won best overall. There were two other generalship awards which I didn't catch the names of the guys for. Plus a paint award for Luke I believe.

I'll post game recaps first with photos, then below that army photos.

My army list

Juggy Lord w/ Axe, meltabomb, sigil

3x10 plague zombies

1x5 spawn
1x5 nurgle spawn
1x1 baleflamer dragon

1x1 maulerfield w/ magma cutter

Allies - Orks

Big Mek w/ KFF, Burna, Cybork

2x20 Shoota Boyz w/ 2 big shootas + pk bp nob
1x3 meganobz, 3x komi-skorcha

2x deffrolla bigshoota battlewagon

GAME 1 - Vs. Necrons.  Kill Points primary, vanguard, no night fight

For this mission my opponent Marcus had first go. We set up as shown left. As the Maulerfiend always seems to soak up a lot of fire turn 1/2 and die, I located it in the ruin in order to facilitate it's living with a better save.

 Another first turn shot
 Marcus moved forward with his wraiths in order to set up a nice wall / threat bubble. He also moved his spyders closer by deep striking them close to midfield. The annihilation barges moved around to the side and tried to shoot down the maulerfiend.

I reciprocated in turn 1 by advancing forward, but not taking the bait to get the boyz out of the bwagons and try to charge just yet. He had enough dakka to mow them down still comfortably hidden behind wraiths. I did however crash my spawn into one of his wraith squads results in lots of death.. for the wraiths =). On his turn 2 his flyer came in and that with the barges nuked the maulerfiend.. (poor guy). Then his tomb spyders with lord charged typhus and company. My turn 2 I tank shocked the other wraith squad. In addition my meganobz hopped out to assault them. My boyz squad on foot moved towards the middle to spray some shots down field, but mostly to go for the middle objective. On the bottom of turn 2, typhus kills the lord with the spyders for good. He gains the FnP power... Anyways the khorne lord and company destroy the wraith squad they are with and consolidate into the ruins.

Turn 3 - The nightscythe blitzs forward to blast some zombies lurking in the ruins. All the annihilation barges and guns available on the board blast at the khorne lord and his spawn. They wreck all of the spawn and put a wound or two on the lord. Nurgle and crew finally break combat in the middle of turn 3, leaving them free to consolidate into the ruins to assault the remaining warrior block in the bottom of 3. Orks hop out of their battlewagons to assault the immortals squad along with the Juggy lord. Both squads wipe their opposition in assault. The remaining zombies and orks foot slog forward for objective taking.


The rest of the game consisted of clean up. Netting me with a score of 16 for this game. 4 bonus objectives, linebreaker and slay the warlord.

I must say Marcus took this game very well, and was a good sport! His comment after the game was he under-estimated the spawn's assault capability.

GAME 2 - Vs. Necrons.  King of the hill primary, dawn of war, no night fight

If this army looks the same, that's because it is. Painted by the same painter that is =0. This apparently was the cousin to Marcus's army. This one was played by Joe, but was fairly close in composition.

Joe had first go in this game, and as it was king of the hill I decided to deploy all but one unit of zombies on the board to start off.

I forgot to take the top of 2 pic, instead the pic to the left is at the bottom of 2 during the assault phase right before I declared a charge into the barge with the orks on the left. I immobilized both battlewagons on the terrain as I got prepared to assault. So instead I had a squad of boyz run backwards and take out a pesky barge that had snuck in behind me

The net result is the maulerfiend got shot to pieces, I lost some spawn from both squads, meganobz charged a giant warrior squad and tied them down in combat, Typhus and company charged some tomb spyders with a lord. The juggy lord solo charged some wraiths and killed one or two and held them down for a few rounds of combat.

The pic to the left is the middle of turn 3. . The rest of my army started consolidating towards the center. As did Joe.

My meganobz decided to run rampant in Joes backline and proceeded to obliterate two of his troop squads before being charged by his other lord. This lord had a 3+ invuln. They basically just tied eachother down from that point forward.

After killing the juggy lord, Joe's wraiths joined the combat with the tomb spyders in the middle. I recipricated by bringing in cultists to beat on the wraiths from behind. Shockingly, the zombies did more damage to the wraiths throughout the fight than typhus and spawn did.

This game ended due to time with about 15 boyz, 2 squads of zombie cultists, typhus, and a single boy standing around the hill in the center, being contested by a single immortal.

GAME 3 - Vs. Chaos SM & Necron Allies  Victory Points primary, dawn of war,  night fight

This game I had to play against the much acclaimed and feared triple helldrake list. But that wasn't all! Included also were two night scythes and a doomscythe.
I had first go. I set up directly dead center and hoped for the best. Turn 1 I moved everything as fast as I could across the board (as shown left).  I ran all the squads and moved the battlewagons flat out. He shot me a bunch killing a few spawn but that was about it.
Turn 2
I assaulted all of my guys into all of his guys, resulting in a glorious combat and cleaned his army off the table in the following round. This left me in first place for the start of day 2 (this doesn't include paint score)

GAME 4- Vs. Eldar & IG Capture and Control Primary, dawn of war,  no night fight

I gave Matt first go, We set up as seen left.

I set up just out of range of his guns, and then moved forward as fast as possible turn 1.

At the start of turn 2, the board looked like this. Then Matt caught me off guard by terrifying Typhus and his spawn, and then multi charging typhus and company + bwagons. He penn'd the b-wagons enough to result in typhus's squad having to pass leadership on snake eyes, which they failed and were run down. His demolisher's also killed the maulerfiend.

On my Turn 2, I counter charged the seer council as shown. My orks on foot followed in order to join the assault on the following turn. I threw a squad of plague zombies into the combat to ensure there was no chance of being run down if he used terrify again (as he couldn't do it to both squads).

After these results the game went very downhill for me. The orks on foot never made it into assault, having failed charges two turns in a row they were torched by the seer council when they finally broke free. I charged the spawn + juggy lord into the  blob squads where they were promptly chopped down by paxe sarges.  The meganobz were forced to run and became part of the ork torches when the seer council broke free.

GAME 5- Vs. Necron - The Relic primary, Hammer and Anvil,  night fight

Deployment as such. I think I had first go.

This game zombies started on the board and just walked up and grabbed the relic. Meanwhile the rest of my army ran forward as fast as possible and hung out in assault with the necrons the rest of the game.

We got to the bottom of turn 3 when time was called. My opponent (Kevin) asked If I would like to keep playing after the awards. I agreed, as we were in the middle of a good game and no real reason to stop. We recorded the game as a tie and (7-7 each) and kept on trucking after the awards. This resulted in an eventual win on turn 5 for me, with all the necrons destroyed except for one annihilation barge.

Net results of my games from a points perspective..

16 - 7 - 17 - 0 - 7(15) and 15 points for paint score out of a possible 30.

This placed me in 12th, though if we had finished game 5 I would have made 7th, darn = (

I had a lot of fun at the event though, it was really worth the money, which isn't always something you can say for GT's.  Mike ran a good show and it is an event I would definately recommend going to. I know I'll be lining up to attend next year.

Everyone left with either a skull hill or a green relic as a prize. It  was a nice touch.

The store Saturday morning.

My army in all it's glory

More of my Army

Matt S, JetSeer

Andrew G, Dark Angels and IG

Scooters win big or go home Flyer spam. 

pretty nifty eldar terrain




  1. Hi there, Im a friend of Matt and Rob but I am just getting into 40k and starting some orks (after my necrons) I see you have ork allies and have 2 battlewagons as trandports, I cant find in the ork codex it says that you can take battlewagons as dedicated troops transports. Did your game specifically allow you to use two heavy support options for allies or did i miss something that says you can take battlewagons as transports?

    Please help!

    Oh and say I absolutely have to use sluggas over shootas, what do I do with them?

  2. Hi Matthew,

    The section for Nobz / Meganobz allows the use of a battlewagon as a dedicated transport with specific limits (the b-wagon can't take a killa kannon). You can also purchase Battlewagons from the heavy support slot and then start infantry in them.

    Sluggas over shootas is going to hurt your armies flexability. It's not the end of the world though. It just means you won't have a realistic chance of torrenting opponents off the board. I would suggest still including as many big shootas in the squad as you can, and just make sure you launch assaults as swiftly as possible.

    Orks are great at killing due to volume. By using sluggas, you are exchanging a shot in the shooting phase, where you can't get hit back, for a hit in the assault phase, where presumeably your opponent has probably already swung at you and reduced the number of boyz swinging back at him. (because we don't have grenades and are I2 in assault, most things will go first). So you are trading a safe hit for an uncertain one, and reducing the number of attacks coming at you when you do charge.

    Strongly suggest using shootas.

    If you only have slugga models, i can understand the reluctance to switch to shootas. What you can do is what i do, build some shoota boyz, and mix them into the squad. Just make sure at least half the squad is shoota boyz and you should be good to go as far as WYSIWYG goes for most events. As the unit loses models, remove the slugga boyz first, or swap slugga boyz models out for shoota boyz as the opportunity allows.

    Alternative option that is far less taxing on time and effort is simply to buy a bunch of shootas (just the guns) and cut the pistols off and glue them on.

  3. Additional thought, if mixing in shootas doesn't appeal to you at, just go for the hardcore assault. Take large blocks of slugga boyz on foot or in bwagons and race forward to assault (preferably bwagons). Take a meganobz squad or two to help get some extra umph on the charge. You should be able to unload 3-4 battlewagons worth of boyz/meganobz to assault turn 2 if you flat out in the shooting phase. Just be careful with spacing/positioning of the bwagons to avoid someone from surrounding it and killing all the guys inside, or opening yourself up to getting easily assaulted. It's a little bit of win big or home, but you should be ok with it.