Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Thoughts on Chaos SM continued

Greetings all,

It's been a while since I've updated, for which I must apologize.

So moving right along.

I changed up my list to practice a bit with other models in the Chaos SM codex and see how they'd perform.

I made an 1850 list that went a little like this...

Juggy lord w/ axe and all the goodies

3x 10 plague zombies
2x 7 nurgle marines. 1 squad with melta, 1 squad with plasma. Both squads meltabombs
w/ rhinos with dirge casters.

1x5 Nurgle Spawn
1x5 Spawn
1x Baleflamer dragon

1x mauler fiend w/ lasher tendrils
2x1 nurgle oblits

So I was actually pretty pleased with the outcome. Sticking the plague zombies in reserve for backfield objectives meant I had fearless troops that wouldn't get shot off and run away. Typhus added new tricks to the army and yet another glorious S6AP2 daemon weapon. The plague marines provided a little resilient firepower and forward objective taking. I've played about 5 games with it now, I have yet to lose all of the plague marines though I've come close. It was nice to see they easily go toe to toe with grey hunters (though obviously costing way more, they should be able to!).

I will say I miss my daemon allies quite a bit, but I had to figure out a way to run pure chaos eventually.

So much like my DA list, is it perfect? no. But it felt good and gave me plenty of options.

Typhus - So I've only used his destroyer hive once thus far, in a challenge, with him and 9 enemy models, and it was utter face palm. I'll try it again sometime but still... Other than that he's proved every bit as scary in CC as the juggy lord, though striking last sucks a bit. I guess I'm spoiled because of the juggy lord. What I REALLY like about Typhus though, is the utility he add's to an army. He's not just a baller close combat lord. He's a sorcerer, and his tricks are pretty solid. In this heavily shooty focused meta we exist in currently, weapon virus is a dream come true. Gets hot FTW. Contagion is pretty good too.

Plague Marines - I feel about these guys like I do about the oblits. They feel like they under perform on damage output and die more often than they should. On the other hand they are pretty decent in CC and I feel comfortable when both squads are closely supporting each other that they can handle most threats.

Rhinos - With a dirgecaster I feel like these guys are going to make a pretty good comeback. They've been holding up about as long as I would have expected them to in 5th ed so far. So not disappointing really.

So these three new components, combined with the standard fare of my older stuff felt pretty solid. Good scoring units, good assault, and increased utility from the psyker end. Is it as much fun as pavaning people off of buildings or into turn 1 combats? No of course not, but it's also less dependent on random rolls.

The Juggy lord combo's really well with Typhus. No squad in the game wants to mess with both of them together, especially with their spawn meatshields. If I could figure out some way to get the juggy lord to have T6 escorts, I think I'd be able to call it a day right then and there. As it stands, losing all of your t5 spawn in a devastating single round of manticore shooting makes you very sad. So I may be forced to retire this squad.

I attempted to use a Nurgle jump pack lord w/ black mace after hearing how great he was from Eric. He seems semi-decent, this may be a way to run a solid daemon weapon with a second T6 nurgle spawn squad. The lack of AP2 though seriously hurts.

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