Thursday, December 13, 2012


So my friends and I from the NOVA crew signed up for the Adepticon team tourney. Our team this year, Beer for the Beer God will be running Chaos SM and Chaos Daemons.

Team Members
James - Myself! Your humble blog poster
Eric - SVDM GT winner and NOVA terrain painter!
Jon  - NOVA open Staffer, creative mind behind the NOVA open videos available on youtube.
Owen  - Nova open Staffer, starred as THE RAGE in the NOVA open video, and helped create vast quantities of terrain for the nova this past year

So as you can see, a rather star studded team! We decided on the CHAOS SM dex the day after the Adepticon team tourney last year ended, in which we ran orks (placed 20th!).

We are still attempting to "crack" the ChaosSM dex, though we've found things that are starting to work beyond the obvious MOER SPAWNZZZZZ. It's a tough nut to crack. Troops seem overcosted and under performing to some degree, but we'll figure it out!

That said, we've been working on some custom bases for our team. See the photos below (note its the same base just under two separate light sources to show differences)

These bases are from Secret Weapon Minatures. It started off as a Scorched Brown for the base, and Ushabti Bone for the skeletal bits. I then washed it with a black wash. After that I dry brushed everything with a little bit of Bestial Brown. Then proceeded for the skeletal bits only to do a light layer of Rotting Flesh, followed by a final drybrush of White Scar. The blood effect is done by mixing the secret weapon liquid effects and a little bit of Khorne Red, then placing a drop of the secret weapon red black in the center and mixing it slightly.

We are still working through the color theme for the army, more on that when its available and list ideas!

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