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40k Quick reference guide

Good afternoon all.

It's been a while since the last post, been busy with real life stuffs.

So I have a good friend of mine who will remain anonymous entering into our realm of plastic crack and 40k. This person has a limited knowledge of the ruleset, and as we all did when we first started needs a bit of hand holding to know what's going to come next in the game. This isn't to say they are bad, its just difficult to remember all the steps required to complete a phase properly, and in what order you do things.

So with that in mind, I threw together essentially a draft "rule of thumb" guide to 40k. I thought others might it useful so I'm post it up here. The goal is to be detailed enough that a person with a working but not advanced knowledge of the game can benefit, but not be so detailed that it gets bogged down. Some sections are overly complex at the moment. So I'll have to revise it down. Also pretty sure there are mispellings, grammar issues, and phrasing that isn't correct. Anyone who spots these and lets me know, bonus points!

If anyone from GW opposes my posting of this (just email me directly at let me know I'll rip it down pronto. Hopefully they wouldn't, as it essentially promotes playing their game system without revealing anything you really need the core rulebook / codex for. (Special rules, models, point costs, upgrades, IP components, and other detailed interaction beyond the scope of this guide). Also I'll note it is my understanding that it is not possible to copyright game rules.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kickstarter Wargaming Ap 3 days left PLEDGE NOW!

Good afternoon all!

I know a couple groups have already posted this, but I strongly suggest folks go to the KR-Multicase kickstarter and pledge for the ap. It's a great way to get a KR Multicase bag while helping support the community. The ap is in essence a tool to find events and keep lists on a mobile device in a convenient fashion.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Two quick recaps, Chaos SM w/ Daemon allies games and thoughts

Good afternoon all!

Posting some quick game recaps vs. IG/SW and ChaosSM/Slanesh and thoughts on the army's performance thus far. Very satisfied with the new book for numerous reasons, but not the least of which is its serious assault capability.

Just a brief mention, I ordered some LED kits from TriageTerrain to light up my helldrake for Adepticon. Very satisfied with the product so thought i'd give them a quick shout out at   I'll be posting pics of it all lit up as soon as I can.

Over the weekend I was able to squeeze a couple games in with the army I listed in my previous post. As a quick recap, this is at 1850.

Juggy Lord w/ blind fury axe, meltabomb, sigil, juggy, mutation

3x10 zombie cultists

1x maulerfiend
1x nurgle oblit

1x5 nurgle spawn
1x5 regular spawn
1x1 flamer dragon

1x Herald of nurgle w/ FnP upgrade, greater boon, lesser boon, palequin

1x5 plague drones

1x10 bloodletters

1x1 skull cannon

A game was vs. a Chaos SM player with..

Lvl 2 or 3 sorc w/ force axe & jump pack

Bunch of cultists

3x5 nurgle spawn
3x3 maulerfiends

Aegis line with quad gun

Slanesh herald on a steed w/ greater, lesser boons, and the re-roll to hit upgrade

1x20 deamonettes
1x20 seekers
1x10 plaguebearers
1x1 skull cannon

So on paper, this army should have rocked my face. I'm out assaulted, out bodied, and on an equal footing as far as shooty goes. I don't have the time to tap out every gory detail of this battle, but needless to say, I managed to come out on top by a fair margin.

So, over the course of this game we established that skull cannons are super good. They let both of our armies hit at full initiative despite terrain shenanigans. Ignoring cover is nice which meant they did a fairly decent job at being killy and removing other threats.

Plague drones proved to be very durable in combat vs. a massive wave of seekers that came crashing into me, and typhus + juggy lord continue to prove to be the baddest boys on the block.

Seekers lose or tie vs. plague drones in CC. Seekers need 3's to hit, and 6's to wound, throwing 60 attacks (because of the blight grenades) resulting in 39.6 hits and 6.336 wounds. Which the plague drone gets a 5+,5+ to save.
The plague drones throw 15 attacks, 7.5 hit, 4.95 wound, re-roll the poison for an addition 1.68 wounds, net result 6.63 wounds. Which the seekers only get a 5+.

So, that was interesting.

Dragons despite the invuln saves, are just almost as devastating to daemons as they are any other army, so breath easy all you dragon spammers.

Maulerfiends (and probably walkers in general) are devastatingly good vs. the core of the daemon army as they have no effective way to hurt them. (I was on the receiving end of this)

So to pull out the win I played cagey and let my opponent come at me, so I could dictate the charges, rather than vice versa (I had first turn).

A second game was vs. an IG blob with space wolf allies.

My opponent had drop pods full of grey hunters and/or wolf guard, an IG blob with rune priest, 2 manticores, and 2 hellhounds, and vendetta(with a meltavet squad inside).

When the dust settled on this game(turn 7), Typhus stood proudly on the relic, while a squad of plague zombies hovered nearby, but not close enough to capture it. A hellhound was growling angrily nearby, and a manticore was whining pitifully, its rockets expended and purpose in life gone. Luckily I pulled off secondary objectives for the win.

Plague drones and the skull cannon proved to be win vs. the blob guard. Normally spawn get tossed into blob guard, the problem is with the overwhelming number of attacks they throw, even T6 spawn will die eventually without solid support due to their usual lack of an armor save. Plague drones with their consistent 3 attacks and a 5+,5+, were able to chew through them pretty well. Especially when combo'd with spawn.

Skull cannons make a mockery of the Aegis line, so.. there is that going for it too. Go to ground? suck on my AP 5 ignore cover gun!

Manticores are devastating to my army with so many T5, multi-wound, no save, non eternal warrior units, so this was about as close as it can get to my worst match up. Combo this with enfeeble (which my opponent had for this game), and it turns into sadface time for me.

Thus my heavy losses with only Typhus holding his head proud at the end. Luckily with such a fast moving army, usually manticores only get 1 or 2 rounds of effective shooting off before combat seals off their best targets from being hit, at least for a while.

Overall thoughts..

I'm loving nurgle daemons having shrouded AND blight grenades. At first I didn't much care, but being able to throw forward that T5 squad with FNP as cavalry, and they have shrouded is super useful. It means they have a perpetual 3+ save in cover, so you end up with guys who are as solid as plague marines at holding ground, faster, and assaultier. You can go to ground for a 2+, with FNP, which is ridiculously good. The blight grenades give you extra cover save goodness within 8 inches, so its quite possible to have a 2+ cover save. woo.

Bloodletters are probably going to get swapped for plague bearers for the reason listed above, not sure yet though, they make a nice backfield threat.

Skull cannon is win, and a keeper. Love that it has a 5+ invuln, super useful for living. Dislike that it can only move 6 inches and fire, but so be it.

Some people have asked me, well.. more than some, like 10 +, have asked me why I'm using the greater and lesser gifts instead of the exalted for the book. Let me clarify this.

The greater gifts are fantastic and offer me some potential options for every game. The lesser gift ensures if I decide to go with the greater gift, I can still have a solid AP2 weapon if I should want one. The lesser gifts themselves are not to bad.

The greater gift, I can either take the +1s AP2 weapon, or the badass, poisoned instant death weapon. Instant death weapon on the nurgle herald means the squad is now very scary to tyranids and the like. Their 3+ saves are good but not THAT good.

As I stated above, they give me options and utility with the nurgle herald. While the exalted gift is good because I could choose something to spawn more troops or give myself a better armor save, when you have shrouded on your daemons, you don't really need the better invuln save for the most part. They're already getting a 3+ in most cases. Spawning more troops is awesome to be sure, but this army is an assault army and depends on getting in peoples faces with something scary fast. The more beat-face the better as it goes.

I feel like the new Daemon army is just in general designed to kick IG's teeth in. Anyone else have thoughts on this?

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chaos SM Mixed with Daemons

Good afternoon all.

Anyone who follows this blog knows lately I've been playing Chaos SM mixed with Daemons (and sometimes orks!).

With the latest book having invalidated my previous CSM / DM list, I've been searching for a new variant to fill the void.

My thoughts have gone a couple different directions on this. I looked at running full on slaneshy allies as my friend Eric is examining. I don't like this option as much because while they hit VERY hard, they are a complete glass cannon and won't sustain themselves very well vs. torrent of fire unless your dice are insanely hot at 5+ saves. Additionally, their punch can easily be negated by standing in terrain and forcing them to strike at I1. Skull cannons help remedy this a bit, but you can't assume it'll always live to let you get that vital strike off. It's a good option though, and one to seriously consider.

My initial thoughts, which I keep returning to, are plague drones with a nurgle herald. This lets me have another unit that moves fast like spawn, and and has a 5+, 5+ if I take the FNP upgrade. I can also pay a few points extra to get some instant death hotness which is useful. I know they can't sweep, but if I combo them with spawn or a maulerfiend, they'll allow me to get sweeping action off.

Their real drawback, is no running in the shooting phase.

My thoughts are currently looking like this....
Typhus 230
Juggy lord 180 (sigil, meltabomb, juggy, axe of blind fury)
Cultists 50
Cultists 50
Cultists 50
Spawn 180
Spawn 150
Dragon 170
Maulerfiend 135
Oblit 76
Herald of Nurgle 45
Palequin 40
FNP 25
Greater Reward 20
Lesser Reward 10
Bloodletters 100
Plague Drones 126
2 extra drones 84
Skull Cannon 125

Is it a good list? Arguably no. It needs a lot of improvement. There are some things in it that work, and some that dont. /Sigh, I may have to give up either Typhus or the Juggy lord to make it a better list. Both of which I am really loathe to do. The single oblit and single maulerfiend are kind of random, I could probably focus that a little better, dropping the maulerfiend maybe for a second oblit and using points to upgrade something else. Plaguedrones are not yet tested, so we'll see what goes on there... This is also light on scoring units, I'd feel a lot better if I could get a second daemon troop choice. These are nice because cultists can hold backfield, while daemons deepstrike into my opponents zones to hold that area. They are fearless so they won't run off on me, and they can hit pretty hard if needed.

Skull cannon may be an unnecessary addition to this list. Going to see how that pan's out, then probably drop it.

In other news, having digested the Daemon book fully. I can say without any doubts, that this it is an excellent book and I expect it to make itself felt at the tournament scene very soon. It's not the slam you in the face powerhouse that GK or Wraithspam were. But it's up there.

My previous post didn't really touch on slaneshy stuff. I know its the internets new baby at the moment. I see for all the obvious reasons why seekers are so good. I'm not sold on daemonnettes. It depends on your matchup way to much I feel. Anyone who spams lots of solid S4 shooting is going to have a field day mowing that army down to size, while standing in cover loling. So we'll have to see how that pans out. I could be wrong, but I see it as short lived. Even if you stood behind an Aegis defense line, it makes those daemons I1, assaulting over it.

Skull cannons are going to be a necessity for that list variant to remedy that situation.

The other option is to turn back to using my orks as allies. If I did this, I would probably drop the second squad of 20 boyz, make the Meganobz troops, and use the associated 120 points to buy a second maulerfiend, cut some other upgrades, and get an oblit as well.

Things to consider...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tactica: Why orks in 6th Ed take your lunch money. prt 3

Greetings all,

Part three on ork tactics.

See this guy? He's going to kick your frickin' teeth in. Then use them to go buy
a new armor upgrade. So.. you know, its for a good cause, its cool,
just go with it, ok bro?
So having explained the units and touched on a few points with Orks for pro's and con's, its time to move into using the models themselves!

First off, is, what should you field? Well..

I suggest having at least 80 ork shoota boyz just as a baseline. It gives you the bare minimum of models to have board presence and shoot/assault properly.

Meganobz (in squads of 3 or 4), for lots of pk attacks, good saves and skorchas.

Big Mek w/ KFF.

Mega-armored warboss (regular dude or ghaz).



In the current meta, there are armies fielding vast amounts of anti-infantry torrent, flamers, and nasty blast templates from units like manticores. For obvious reasons, these are very unpleasant circumstances for ork armies.

 If you want to put 200 models on the table and run across, you might be able to make it. Against a good player I wouldn't count on it though. Running your boyz across the board on foot, arms flailing wildly, in general, is not a good idea.

This leaves us with needing some transportation. This helps us in two ways, one, it avoids a lot of anti-infantry firepower. Two, it allows you to catch almost any army even if they move away from you or have fast vehicles themselves. It can also practically guarantee successful turn 2 assaults.

Taking a second look at the two reasonable ork transports. We have the trukk, and the wagon.

Trukks are very cheap, and can move 24 inches a turn. They have a maximum capacity of 12 models and three hull points. In the previous edition, I would take 4 or 5 squads of 11 boyz + pk bp nob in a trukk, and rampage across the board. This worked well because a lot of people focused heavily on anti-tank, so you could make it with mimal infantry casualties, all you needed was one turn to shoot them across the board as fast as you could go.

In the current edition, 12 orks is not sustainable, even with 'eavy armor, or FNP, if you were so inclined. It just doesn't work.

If you want to use trukks, I suggest running meganobz or nobz with 'eavy armor and a painboy in them. Your choice of weapons, (hint, skorchas).

Battlewagons, in general, fill with 20 boyz, shootas, 2 big shootas, and a pk nob. Always take  a deffrolla and at least one big shoota. Meganobz also work here, best with combo'd with your HQ's

So, at this point, you're going to yourself, this is just a repetition of the previous ork post!

But wait theres more!

Step 1, deployment.

You will deploy differently based on if you go first or second. This is going to presume you are going first. So the next two images are fairly obvious deployments for orks.

You deploy along your left flank because you can reserve
squads and have them walk in along your board edge.
It means they will be closer to the rest of your army and better
able to support you
 So why deploy like this? These positions offer the optimal range of getting into your opponents grill as quickly as possible, while still presenting as much armor and coverage as possible.

These deployments aren't exactly rocket science.

The real thing you need to keep in mind is your armor faces. Maximizing the level of coverage that AV14 can front for you is very important. That means positioning is vital, you can't just slap down your battlewagons and call it a day. There is a strong potential of being seized, and that's the last thing you want to have happen. Getting blown up in your own deployment zone is a huge buzzkill.

flat center, the worst kind of deployment ever. Your opponent
can put up anti-tank on both flanks and shoot your side armor
all day. Unfortunately, its better to do the deployment this way.
If you give into the temptation to go heavy on just one side
your opponent will just heavily stack as far away from you
as possible. The trick is to make sure your turn 1 moves manuever
in such a way that you give them AV14 fire arcs for their first turn
|of shooting
Keeping your boyz in range of a KFF is vital to protect against manticores and like minded weapons. You can't always assume you'll be in terrain, or even want to be in terrain as this will greatly slow the boyz down. So don't forget you can congo line to get coverage. All it takes is a single boyz model to be in KFF range and they all get it.

If facing an opponent with ignore cover weapons, put the boyz out of LOS behind wagons

If you are going second. Position your army in such a way that it's as close as possible, while as much AV14 is pointed downrange at them. It's fairly straightforward. It's also perfectly alright and downright encouraged to deploy heavily on just one side when going second. It lets you use the bulk of your army against just a small portion of their army.

After moving up turn 1, you want to get as close as possible while trying to mitigate as much as possible any potential first turn charges against your vehicles. In the example to the left, we have moved 12 and turbo-boosted 6 inches. The trukk has flated out on the far left to be as far as possible from the bulk of the army, while still being in a good deliverable position next turn. This means the opponent has the choice of shooting at AV12 or AV14 with the bulk of their army and deciding if they want a follow up charge.

Note the positioning of the wagons. This formation means that your opponent will not be able to squeeze in between the front tire cracks in order to surround the vehicle. The last thing you want is your vehicle surrounded and wrecked. It means your guys most likely will not be able to get out, and consequently will die in mass. Doing this kind of W shaped formation presents as much armor as possible to the enemy, while giving you room to get out of your battlewagons following the inevitable booms.

The take-away is, you can't expect to get across the board without losing one or two vehicles. That's extremely lucky if you do, and you shouldn't count on it. The formation also lets you block LOS to any units on foot following behind them.

Battlewagons have a very small front armor arc because of how long and narrow they are. Most opponents can walk 6 inches and be out of the arc quite easily. So keep it in mind.

The other thing the W formation does for you, is to ensure that every unit is still covered by a KFF.

Turn 1 is all about positioning properly, to protect yourself as best you can and set up for for what will most likely be a turn 2 charge fest.

Assuming we survive the torrent of fire our opponent unleashes on us. The following turn involve moving the bwagons forward 6 inches, disembarking 6 inches, declaring a waaaugh, then charging. It's as simple as that.

But, nothing says you have to charge. Another perfectly viable tactic is to sit safe in your battlewagons for an extra turn and lay down some torrent of fire. This means on turn 1 you can move 12 and snap fire your army at the opponent, then turn 2, you move up to 6 inches and continue to lay down some torrent. Turn three you finally move in to charge.

Again positioning is everything for this. Maximize your AV 14 frontage, while keeping everything within KFF range. Also paying close attention to your opponents potential charge range. You generally want the BWagon with your hardest hitting squad closest to your opponents. This will usually be your Meganboz w/ skorchas. That means you can use skorchas for overwatch from the Bwagons, or simply countercharge in the following turn.
A final tactic for Bwagons is to Tank shock, then fire out of the transport. I don't think this was legal in 5th edition. I have yet to find anywhere in the rulebook where it says you can't do this. So if someone knows if it definately says you can't, let me know. Since you declare the distance of a tank shock, it is entirely legal to declare a 6 inch tank shock, and then fire as normal out the back of the wagon. This lets you use the deffrollas to maximum advantage and lay down some hefty torrent of fire. Just make sure you tank-shock in a such a way that it does not set your bwagons to be surrounded by your opponent in the following turn.
Using Dakkajets -
Every ork army should probably include two of these guys. Three might be pushing it. Dakkajets excel at shooting up infantry, and give you options to eliminate deckchair units from your opponents side. They also are pretty decent at shooting down opposing fliers. You'll score a bunch of hits on them if nothing else and force them to perpetually jink.
They also let you handle lists like daemon prince flying circus, or Tyranid flyrant spam, as they are fairly handy at nocking them down or killing them outright. You can focus firepower on big scary units like Tervigons and usually take them down fairly quickly too.

Having re-read this post, it got very rambly. I'll try and refocus for the next one.
Some basic tactics vs. common armies
Always stick at least two PK's into a MC combat. You don't want to risk being challenged out and forced to kill an MC with a bunch of S3 or S4 attacks.  This means two squads of boyz, or a squad of boyz with meganobz. Meganobz are only acceptable to charge in solo if the creature you are fighting also strikes at I1, so you can at least trade a squad for a squad.
Tervigons will be your worst enemy. They can produce units that are almost as good as your boyz, and easily play a trading game with you. Kill them first at all costs.
Skullcannons that ignore your cover saves are going to be brutal. Make sure you space appropriately and kill them when it comes up. If you are riding b-wagons across the board, this shouldnt be to big of a problem though. Watch out for Heralds with AP2 Etherblades ignoring your Meganobz armor, task boyz squads for going for these guys.
They don't have much in the way of anti-tank long range firepower, so you can sit in your battlewagons and dakka down units until they are more bite sized. i.e. , you would NOT want to charge a squad of 10 seekers with boyz, but 5 is managable.
Grey Knights
Watch out for Dreadknights, they will be your biggest foes. You can manage the marines how you always do as an ork, dakka the crap out of them then assault. Dreadknights are a different animal though as they can issue challenges and usually have nasty flamers. Follow the same rule of thumb for these guys as you do for Tyranids, always use two pk's in a combat, at minimum.
Dark Eldar
Venoms and beast packs will continue to be your worst enemies from this bunch. Beast packs are manageable if you dakka down with the boyz and commit multiple boyz squads to the combat. Beware of Baron, he gives the beast pack defensive grenades and will really hurt your chances. Venoms you hunt down with lootas / dakkajets as best you can.
more to follow in later posts.


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Chaos Daemons Book Thoughts and TriageTerrain LED kits for sale!

Happy Saturday everyone!

I would like to announce that TriageTerrain, the same company that lit up the monuments for the NOVA Open2013, has added a webcart allowing the purchase of LED kits for models. The link for their shop is here -- >

These kits are interesting because they essentially don't require any work other than plugging in a battery. We gave away an LED lit hill for our first RTT at huzzah hobbies a few week ago provided by TriageTerrain. It seemed to be pretty well received and adds a nice touch.

In other news, Chaos Daemons has dropped.

Lots of rumors are confirmed, lots were disproved, as is normal for these kinds of things. I've had one full read through of the book and I've come away with some initial thoughts.

At least on paper, this book is very powerful. It looks like it will make a solid compliment to Chaos SM, perhaps even more so than the previous book. It does look like it's going to be a "balanced" book, in the same vein as Chaos SM and Dark Angels have been. And yes, Eternal Warrior and the daemonic assault are gone. You do get the ability to spawn / summon extra units onto the battle during the fight. You can still do a Daemon flying circus if that is your preference. There is a lot of customization in this book.

Flamers have been nerfed hard, they went from auto-take to auto-fail. Giving your opponent FNP is not cool. They are only useful for killing piddly low save infantry now, effectively posts costing them out of usefulness.

Screamers are still pretty darn good. They don't have the insane number of S5 AP2 attacks anymore, but they do still have them, you essentially give up your base 3 attacks for a single strike. Much like throwing a meltabomb or similar.  I think this brings them into the "balanced" zone. Yes they can still do their fly by strikes.

Fateweaver and Epidemius nerfed hard. Good bye tally lists, we loved you not. Fateweaver no longer allows models to re-roll failed saves. He is however a level 4 pskyer who allows access to divination. Albiet, for a really expensive points tax. He also no longer requires the leadership test and poofing when wounded.

Papa Nurgle will be pleased, he and Khorne came out on top in this book. Bloodcrushers are still good, fear not people! They make a great combo with skulltaker on a juggernaut. Universal FnP is gone for nurgle units btw, you have to pay for it (if its available at all).

Warp storm table requires you to roll during your shooting phase for random effects, most bad, some very very good, and a  few decent.

Warlord traits are all really good, no shitty ones there.

 Section by section comments to follow! Note this isnt a full codex review, just things that stuck out after my first read. I'll review it all after I absorb it.


All of the HQ's look solid.

You can purchase for 10, 20 and 30 points respectively, upgrades for some of the more "general" Hq's, which allow you a roll on a random table for some pretty good abilities. The default or "primarus" equiv of these abilities is an Etherblade, a close combat AP2 weapon. Anyone who reads this knows I favor assault armies, so I was very pleased by this.

Epidemius is essentially an upgraded Herald at this point, he still has a tally but its only units within 6" and only nurgle daemons of chaos. He can be useful if you slingshot him much like Typhus with spawn.

 Daemon Princes are almost exactly the same as in the Chaos SM dex (for people worried they were going to be T4 for some reason?).

The two that stand out Great Unclean ones, for 190 points, you get a T7 W6 MC, that can also be a psyker. Presenting one of the rare creatures that can actually be a T10 model. (biomancy +3 toughness). He's sure to make himself annoying in games soon. The other is Skulltaker, he can be mounted on a juggy for a grand total of 145 points. His real drawback is the lack of frag grenades...

I personally prefer the heralds, they are the equivalent of the plain "lords" in this book, and have some decent customization.


Plaguebearers, Pink Horrors, and Daemonettes are now all 90 points for 10. Bloodletters are 100 points for 10. These are pretty darn cheap and mean you can spam the battlefield with decently resilient troops who won't run away, and can put out some solid hurt.

Everything about this section is good.


Bloodcrushers are still solid, T4 W3, S5, I4, can't really go wrong with that. Sucks they can be doubled out, but can't win every battle!

Beats of nurgle are now rocking in this section. T5, S4, D6 +1 attacks, and are beasts. They have an interesting rule that allows you to counter-charge any unit which charges within 12" of a squad of these guys. So you run these guys behind your forward threat, and if they risk charging it, a squad of these fine fellows immediately hop into the fight. Their only real downside? 52 points a model =/

Fast Attack

 Clear new champion in this section. Plague Drones of Nurgle. 126 points for a squad, 42 points a model. They are a T5, S4, W3, A3 jet pack cavalry, which as far as I'm aware is a first. They can be heavily upgraded and be a squad as large as 9 models. They also have a rust touch that allows you to glance vehicles on the roll of a 6 for armor pen.
I strongly suspect these guys just became the new "go to" of this army. Maybe two squads of these guys, with a squad of screamers.. Back it up with some solid HQ's and flying MC's and you might have yourself a really annoying list to deal with.

Screamers I already mentioned but i'll just say again, these guys are still good, balanced appropriately.

Flesh Hounds, pretty solid, T4, W2, 16 points a model and can scout.

Heavy Support.

Soulgrinders, yes please. 135 points plus options. Av13 still. 4HP,  Key take away - these guys have a 3 shot S7 skyfire weapon. So... there you go.

List idea for 1850.

Knowing my preference for assault armies, take the list with a grain of salt.

so for 1825 pts.





Herald Of Khorne




Greater reward

lesser reward

Herald of Nurgle


Palanquin of Nurgle

Greater reward

lesser reward

Fecundity (FNP)

Herald of Nurgle


Palanquin of Nurgle

Greater reward

lesser reward

Fecundity (FNP)



Two extra



Two extra

Plague Drone of Nurgle

Two extra

Plague Drone of Nurgle

Two extra









So you get four very solid HQ's who can take some damage and will hit hard with S5 or S6 AP2 weapons in CC.

40 solid scoring bodies that all have AP3 weapons, so are a threat in and of themselves. You can reserve and deep strike or just start them on the board running at the enemy.

You have 4 squads each with 5 or 6 multi-wound models that all move forward very fast (all cavalry). You slingshot the palequins into combat.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Huzzah Hobbies RTT April 14th

Good Afternoon all!

We are going to be having our second RTT at Huzzah Hobbies on April 14th! This will be a 1850 point event, most likely running NOVA open missions.

Missions primer can be found on

The entry fee will be 15$.

Lunch will be provided, pizza  and a few sodas / drinks!

Registration is at 10:30, games start at 11.

You may use your own dice for this event.

Please register ahead of time by calling Huzzah Hobbies at 703-466-0460

We will have 24 spots available.

There will of course be prize support for the winners!

In addition I would like to remind everyone that ticket sales for the NOVA Open are up! Please gooo get tickets!

Especially for the TRIOS (my event!)