Tuesday, June 10, 2014

RTT This sunday April 15th (yes its fathers day, what better way to celebrate than with your friends! Instead of family!)

Hey all

So I've been getting a lot of questions about how to handle the RTT this weekend.

I've thought about it, played some games of 40k, and generally messed around with 7th. I'm going to say, I'm very annoyed at how the summon shenigans works now. Being able to summon 1300pts of models into an 1850 game in 5 turns is generally unacceptable to me. That has occurred in several games without even trying hard. So, GW, you dropped the ball, hard.

That's in a battleforged army btw, I can't even imagine how abusive it could get in an unbound army.

So, what shall we do for this Sunday?

D-weapons have been nerfed, so that's a thing. I could allow lords of war possibly, but some of them are still stupidly over-powered (baneblade transports)..

So those are all things.

So, something you all may not have caught. Things like the bastion were removed from the core rulebook so we don't know how to use them except via the Stronghold assault rules.

Soooo, I think no matter what I decide I'm going to be wildly unpopular. So I'm going to stick with what I think tournaments will be running based on talking to other TO's & friends. (I.e Matt, BLAME MATT)

So 1850 pts.

- maximum of 2 sources for armies
- Must be battleforged
so any two detachments (ie 2 combined arms, 1 combined arms 1 ally, 1 combined arms 1 formation, 1 combined arms 1 inquistion, etc etc)
All models from stronghold assault are now legal. HOWEVER, please still no networked systems. meaning if you have a void shield, its only a single void shield generator. Not 2-3. Can't have multiple bastions etc.
No lords of war, full stop. I'm going to investigate them further, but atm, no.

EDIT- People have been asking me how we are going to do terrain. As if you didn't notice, area terrain is no longer a thing.

So, all previous "area" terrain is now a battlescape. That means it'll confer a default 5+ cover for being toe in. All buildings/ruins remain as ruins, so that'll be a 4+. Note that  ruin terrain now provides it regardless of if obscured by elements or not.

People have also been commenting about the CADS - We are testing the waters here, if I end up thinking its retarded to have multiple CADS, then it'll get dropped from the next RTT.
Other than that, we'll start at the normal time, 10:00, and we'll do pizza and stuffs.
See you all there!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

New Ork Walkers thoughts - Also ork codex removed from GW website.

Greets alls,

Looks like the ork codex pre-orders should be going up this weekend. Despite rumors to the contrary. I was unable to find the ork codex on the GW website. So that's usually a pretty good indicator shit's about to go down. Someone let me know if I'm just stupid and missed it.

- Now thoughts on the ork walkers

The new Ork units in the white dwarf are pretty sexy, BUT BUT, they are missing two vital rules, which I hope is in the codex, or these will be -never going to fucking take - wonders. Seriously. Not to mention ,if the rumored points values are true (Gorkanaut 245 points, Morkanaut 230). Then they're stupidly over-priced regardless, especially if they take up a much coveted heavy support slot.

Assault vehicle and/or Fleet.

They definitely need to be an assault vehicle, if nothing else.


It's guns are so - so (good for orks, bad.. because orks are shooting them). It's got good CC abilities.
So hiding  a core of scoring units in it is plausible while it shoots, but not a good idea. The game plan is going to be run this thing full tilt across the board at the enemy.

So what's the problem?

Things a walker, it's slow as shit.

Turn 1

Turn one move 6' run ..average of 3. Now it's 6 inches behind your leading vehicles (because you want to maintain that KFF bubble). If you don't care about your kff bubble, its 6-12 inches behind (vehicles move 12, flat out 6)

Turn 2

Turn 2, all your vehicles move forward 6; guys disembark 6, and your assault is on. (hopefully, unless your opponent is playing hammer and anvil and moved the hell back, in which case its stretching to reach them.

But for the sake of things, lets pretend its not hammer and anvil, or didn't back up far enough

So your walkers moved forward 6, and is now (6 + distance from b-wagons previous turn) away from your battle line.

You now have a choice, disembark the... 6 man squad (most like 3 meganobz or some flamer bro's), and run them forward with the walker to go for turn 3 assault, exposing them to all sorts of nasty firepower. (Now 9 to 24 inches away from your battle line, depending on your dice rolls and vehicle speeds)

or simply run forward and wait for turn 3 to unleash its cargo, for a turn 4 charge.

Either of which, is not a super amazing choice. Lets hope they have one or those two rules.

Assault already got hit hard with nerfbat, and 7th edition hasn't changed that one bit. If your assaults need to happen as rapidly as possible, in a timely reliable way in order to be useful and make up for this. Given the mobility of a lot of armies (and more so elder), they need to be effective at getting there as well, not to mention with enough bodies to absorb inevitable overwatch.

I can see a couple useful roles for the walkers, but mainly Counter assault/second wave assault, AV13 will make them durable and reliable in CC. They have plenty of hitting capacity, and pretty decent anti-infantry firepower. Also Firepower soaks (same reason).

The squad you hold inside of it, needs to have a similar role, or it will be essentially useless. And you can't have counter assault, if the squad can't assault out of it. Especially if the thing explodes, which it's likely to do, as its a big scary walker and an obvious target for anti-tank.

It's fairly clear since the transport capacity is only 6 models, that the intention is for some sort of small elite squad to be moved about inside this vehicle. GW needs to give them the means to be practical using it. Otherwise the transport capacity might as well not exist.