Tuesday, December 10, 2013

40k RTT @ Huzzah Hobbies Sunday 12/15

Our monthly RTT will be at Huzzah Hobbies this Sunday. 2k points, no double FOC. Three rounds.
Signups start at 10, First round at 10:45.

2 & 1/2 hour rounds each.

Food / drink as usual are part of the entry cost. The rest of the money is rolled directly into prize support.

Entry fee is 15$.

Additional rules:
Please note, thanks to GW's lack of clarity, it is impossible atm to know if the tourney scene will be using the escalation / fortification expansions. So, until I hear from adepticon / NOVA one way or the other, these books will not be allowed.

Differently though, are the data-slates. As these essentially are like the old white dwarf updates of old, for the time being I will allow them. That said, I want a hard limit on formations - only 1 allowed per army. TOTAL ARMY, not one formation per detachment.

If anyone has any questions comment this post with it.


  1. So you're allowing the broken-ass releases that benefit: Tau, Eldar, Space Marines, and Demons/CSM.

  2. Yes - Just as I would if they were white dwarf updates ect, like sisters, or flamer / screamer stuff was hella-broken.

    Given that anyone can ally at least one of those formations, or model updates, it doesn't really hurt anyone..

    Anyone who can all tau can take the tau formation, that's almost everyone. The people who can't ally tau, can ally the Eldar formation, the vanilla marines formation, or bel'kor.

    1. That said, caveat - I am not happy about the formations - at all, zero, not one bit.

    2. No, because now we are introducing D-weapons, and a variety of other game mechanics which we need to evaluate. I may end up banning all of them, or allowing everything. Given that these things JUST came out, and the event is less than two weeks away, its not fair for people to show up with D-weapon models, like an elder revenant, and completely smoke everyone who was un-prepared. Now, noted, formations also just came out, but these are not new models, just new ways to play them. Also, formations don't count in the FOC, which means your taking models that can't benefit you in objective games. Which is a slight nerf.

      Even supposing all else equal, the idea of D-weapons in the game, and AV 15 buildings, really needs to be looked at it and playtested before dropping it half-hazardly into an event.

      I love the idea of super-heavies. I am probably one of the few who bought, built / painted a khorne lord of skulls, and sit there eyeing him enviously everytime I see him on my shelf. But it needs to be a thing people know is coming, not out of the blue.

      I will be following the general flow of whatever tournies are doing. So if the big events decide these things are cool, I'm totally game. I want people to be able to get their game on, and effectively practice for larger events.

    3. I agree about the strength D weapons actually. However the 2 weeks argument rings a tad hollow. Release of Escalation/Stronghold: Dec 7, Release of Eldar Dataslate: Dec 8, Tau Dataslate: Dec 5, and 2 SM Dataslates that will be released between now and the 15th. Whatever.

    4. You guys should just play with all the new rules and be witness to the new 40k. The player with the biggest forge world toys wins, lol.

  3. As I said, there is a world of difference between D-weapons and AV15 buildings which no one is used to seeing across the table from them, and formations, which are models people can bring anyways.

  4. I think this should be a good trial run of some of the new stuff. We can as a local community get an idea of whats going on with some of the formations in actual gameplay. Honestly using the escalation and stronghold is a bit silly as they involve significant rule changes whereas the dataslates are just adding single models (Belakor is just a DP and in most cases easier to kill due to him having just a 4++, cover is mostly useless in this edition so him having invisibility and shrouded means little to nothing) and the other ones we currently have are just adding formations which so far are not that spectacular. The only silly part is that as a player you will be able to bring 4+ armies at once to the table top.... Perhaps if our number of attendees stays strong Huzzah will allow us a second weekend a month to do an alternate event allowing ALL the new stuff and the normal every 3rd sunday could stay geared toward only allowing what the major events allow (NOVA, Adepticon, 11th co, etc etc). But I think for this month, this is a good compromise of some of the cool new stuff, but not so much that the attendees get overwhelmed (Im sure Im not the only one who has not yet purchased stronghold assault OR escalation)

    1. Sounds reasonable. I do sense a sort of fatal embrace going on: The major event TO's seem to be saying "Well lets see how it plays out" and local TO's saying "Lets see what the major events do". Having an extra local event to evaluate the crazier stuff might help with sorting things out.