Friday, May 23, 2014

Huzzah RTT results! Also new edition today... thoughts on that at some point


We had our Huzzah Hobbies RTT last sunday. Results here -- >

No one brought any crazy beat-face lists (ovesa stars, cent stars, etc). And the predominant armies were SM and IG.
The top table ended up being orks w/ nob bikers vs. foot slogging daemons (with no fmc's or fateweaver!) so. To give an idea of how "non-competitive" the armies were... (they were pretty competitive tbh, the surprise factor at dealing with nob bikers alone coupled with bwagons meganobz is enough to throw off a lot of peoples strategies).

The last game ended up being a nailbiter (quite literally), and came down to a few dice rolls at the game end, which could have easily swung it either way. So congrats to Eric and Kevin!

We went a little silly on the terrain, see the pics. For whatever reason, I've never seen an event that had river or water activity. So I bought some and slapped it down on the table. People seemed to enjoy the themes on the tables, so that worked out well. May continue it into the future.

I've also noticed a lot of our more casual players have been substantially stepping up their game, be it from competition levels or otherwise. So that's been really encouraging. It seems most of the regular attendees are more or less coalescing at a similar skill-level, and its more luck / army matchup now that decides rather than any complete blowouts.

As far as 7th, most of the new rules / rumors are out. It seems it won't be the earth-shaking devastating mix-up's which were prophesized. More like 6.5. However, key differences on scoring, Tau basically taking a sucker punch to the nuts, and other small tweaks are going to see a radical mix-up in lists.

So far- without the book in hand, based on what I've seen (and discussions I've had with others (MVB etc), it seems Eldar will come out the top dog, or at least a close toss-up to IG. Wave serpents are now ridiculous, and seer-councils got a fairly substantial buff.

I've seen some retarded pairings posted over on BOLS, but I expect that the meta is going to shift, a lot.


Tau buff commander based armies will no longer be effective. No more battle bros for them. This means cent stars etc will have to rely on psyker powers to get their abilities off; and things will be a bit more unreliable. I'm not sure how the denial dice work yet (if they are buffed by your mastery level, or just D6 winds of change). But if buffed by mastery level, forget about using pskyer powers vs. elder, who will chuck ass-tons of dice to deny it.

Even if D6 based, a opposing player could easily save all their D6 dice to deny that crucial ignore cover roll, and have decent odds of doing so.

Eldar also don't have to worry about ze perils, because of ghost helms. So, they want fortune? Chuck as many dice into it as they want... oops perils? oh well!

Unless they FAQ that of course, we'll see.

So expect to see Eldar top dog. Daemon FMC is going to go to a shooty based only variant, but is likely to have lost a bit overall, especially with the change to assault.

Depending on how FAQ's etc go, ovesa star may go away, if the buff commander really can't join to ovesa and company.  I expect tau will stick around as broadside spam w/ riptides backing them up is still super super good. Just, bye bye ovesa star (based on rumor that IC can't join MC).

Necron lose out huge if that rumor is true, spyder star no longer is legal, and that was .. such a good and fun build.. seriously.

Ok, enough rambles, we'll have the rulebook within hours, so can post legit non-rumor based thoughts then!


  1. Yeah if ICs can't join Riptides, then Ovesa is out. From all the rumors I think that Flying Circus will be a real pain in the ass. Just summoning a ton of daemons their real weakness of shitty troops goes away. Which makes me think people will be bringing Grey Knights because their rhinos supposedly generate a warp dice lol.

    Its disappointing that Eldar will still probably be top dog. Though the changes to jink/skimmers will make wave serpent harder to play.

  2. They nerfed the ability of FMC's to charge after changing flight modes. So you'll still have flying shenanigans, but at least they won't instant wipe a unit out if you fail to shoot them down right away.

    Looks like the games were fun. I actually find that completely "non competitive lists" (as in non internet), sometimes throw huge wrenches at people. Everyone plans for "internet lists" and non internet lists can throw them for a loop.

  3. It was a good last hurrah (or should I say last Huzzah?) for 6th. Remains to be seen how things shake out since there are any number of things that could get FAQ'ed. (Ghost Helms come to mind)