Tuesday, June 10, 2014

RTT This sunday April 15th (yes its fathers day, what better way to celebrate than with your friends! Instead of family!)

Hey all

So I've been getting a lot of questions about how to handle the RTT this weekend.

I've thought about it, played some games of 40k, and generally messed around with 7th. I'm going to say, I'm very annoyed at how the summon shenigans works now. Being able to summon 1300pts of models into an 1850 game in 5 turns is generally unacceptable to me. That has occurred in several games without even trying hard. So, GW, you dropped the ball, hard.

That's in a battleforged army btw, I can't even imagine how abusive it could get in an unbound army.

So, what shall we do for this Sunday?

D-weapons have been nerfed, so that's a thing. I could allow lords of war possibly, but some of them are still stupidly over-powered (baneblade transports)..

So those are all things.

So, something you all may not have caught. Things like the bastion were removed from the core rulebook so we don't know how to use them except via the Stronghold assault rules.

Soooo, I think no matter what I decide I'm going to be wildly unpopular. So I'm going to stick with what I think tournaments will be running based on talking to other TO's & friends. (I.e Matt, BLAME MATT)

So 1850 pts.

- maximum of 2 sources for armies
- Must be battleforged
so any two detachments (ie 2 combined arms, 1 combined arms 1 ally, 1 combined arms 1 formation, 1 combined arms 1 inquistion, etc etc)
All models from stronghold assault are now legal. HOWEVER, please still no networked systems. meaning if you have a void shield, its only a single void shield generator. Not 2-3. Can't have multiple bastions etc.
No lords of war, full stop. I'm going to investigate them further, but atm, no.

EDIT- People have been asking me how we are going to do terrain. As if you didn't notice, area terrain is no longer a thing.

So, all previous "area" terrain is now a battlescape. That means it'll confer a default 5+ cover for being toe in. All buildings/ruins remain as ruins, so that'll be a 4+. Note that  ruin terrain now provides it regardless of if obscured by elements or not.

People have also been commenting about the CADS - We are testing the waters here, if I end up thinking its retarded to have multiple CADS, then it'll get dropped from the next RTT.
Other than that, we'll start at the normal time, 10:00, and we'll do pizza and stuffs.
See you all there!


  1. Good stuff bud. I think its a nice conservative way to try out an RTT using nearly all of the 7th edition stuff. I think most people should be happy with the extra stuff of being able to use 2 detachments, but it should limit the super craziness that was occurring. I agree with you on the summoning stuff, it seems silly. But I don't think it is ban worthy as of yet. So all in all, great first event rules and hopefully we will get an idea after this weekend of what we should try for going forward!

  2. I am interested to see how double CAD works out for you guys.

  3. James explains how he's just following the other TO's : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFvujknrBuE&feature=kp

  4. LOL @ hudson's post.

    A Jetseer guy talking about banning stuff is funny as well ;)

  5. Sounds great. Quick question, is the AV15 building still a no go?

    Also 2 CADs seems really progressive when people are clamoring to stop that. Which I'm actually really happy to see at the RTT.

    Can't wait till Sunday!

  6. Do both CADs have to be from the same faction?

    1. As I forgot to say anything, so no - But in the future if we do two CAD's again, it will be required that yes,

    2. Fair enough. Otherwise it really obviates Allied detachments.

  7. With the recent NOVA list building out on MVBrandt's blog, is the tournament in July going to follow the same rules?