Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Nova shames, Painting updates

So NOVA is done.  I should probably have an extensive posts on my games as they were actually quite interesting. I did very well, and almost won my bracket. I quite literally, lost the game for myself, which has had me somewhat upset. I know a lot of people "say" that, that is, that they lost the game for themselves. But in this case its quite literal.

I took two dangerous terrain tests on a biker lord, thinking that he needed to, and caused two wounds. This sounds fine, except the problem is, he was attached to a squad with move through cover, which confers... =( So I didn't need to take the tests. This was compounded, as last turn, I broke him away from the squad in a desperate bid to last turn contest an objective my opponent was holding. This was fine, except in a effort to save time, I asked my opponent if I could go ahead and move the full 24" in the movement phase. He agreed, all was well. Then my vector striking helldrake nocked said squad off of the objective, meaning bro didn't need to be there anymore. Of course, there's no backsies on the lord being there, so I'm stuck now with a move I wouldn't have made if I hadn't been hasty. On top of that, my opponent (quite rightly I might add), blasted him in the bottom of the turn in a bid to get slay the warlord + an extra kill point (to win on Tertiary objectives). It all came down to a single 4+ dice roll (lord is T6 and hard to wound). Which I failed.

So he won.

If I hadn't taken the dangerous tests unnecessarily, he would have been cool beans bro, giving me the win. Him dying gave my opponent 2 points, which flipped the game from me winning by 1, to him winning by 1.

Shame on me.

I don't want to sound bitter or angsty towards my opponent. Its my fault and my poor knowledge of the rule. It's just how it goes. I'm just annoyed at myself.

I've been doing this forever, so there's a lot of wounds I've taken over the interval of the last year, improperly.

/le sigh

So back on track, i'll post up game recaps in the near future.

I've been painting models, as I felt obliged to for some strange reason. So I decided to paint my ravenwing army that came with my dark vengeance box sets. I decided I'd go all out on Sammael to set the theme. See the pics below. He's not quite done but he's pretty close.

Enough people have posted about the new vanilla marines codex, I don't feel obliged to comment at this second except to say that i'm pleasantly surprised. I was expecting more OP bullshit like wave serpents, and found nothing of the sort.

I do see the further death dirge of vehicles being sung by vanilla marines though. Those grav guns are ridiculously stupid strong vs. vehicles.

Everyone keeps going, oh but you need a 6 penetration result. So what? You're firing enough volume, and with the potential for re-rolls from tank hunters or other buffs, you're going to get more than enough of them.

One squad of bikers fires 6 shots, 3.96 hits, so rolling roughly 4 dice to see if you get a 6. If you roll even one 6, it basically cripples the fucking thing.  You roll a second one, and if its 3 HP or less, its gone! BAM! (Immobilized results are -2 HP if already immobilized).

How many times do you roll a quad gun hoping for 5's and 6's to pen or glance a flier?



  1. Nice painting but oof, you should have returned that failcast. I can see 1)a big gaping hole on the nose of the bike 2) that you replaced the sword with a plastic one, meaning the original sword was shit and 3) that the model has that strange grainy texture that only comes from failcast. Failcast...worst GW decision ever.

    Don't beat yourself up over a single game lost. I know that it sucks in a tournament (which is partly why I have no interest in them anymore) but it happens. People get tired, make mistakes and honestly, there are just too many rules to remember. Anyhow, glad to see you posting again.

  2. Excellent observational skills Tim!

    I'm pretty impressed! Off-chance, how did you notice the sword had been swapped out? That was a good catch.

    I know it wasn't the best fine-cast model, but I decided to just go with it.

    1. I just did this model for the Redemption of the Fallen. It too was a failcast piece of crap. Had the exact same issue to different degrees. The sword had an edge flaw, the nose of the bike also had a flaw. The texture was grainy.

      That said, I've held this model in metal and it was really heavy. But at least the casts were better.

  3. hmmm i just read my post again, it sounded sarcastic. I assure you, no sarcasm was meant at all!