Saturday, September 14, 2013

The D.C. Area 40k league is up for the fall!

I'm posting this for my friend Eric, so these are his words not mine.

“The Great Fall” 40k League 2013 Guidelines
Howdy Y’all! On Behalf of Chris Shriner, Mike Brandt, and Eric Hoerger, it is my pleasure to announce “The Great Fall” DC 40k League.

League Dates, Army List Submissions, and Schedule:
The League will consist of 6 games played over 6 weeks: 9/28-11/09. Players must register for the league by 9/25 on the Beltway Gamers forums at, and they will commit to a primary detachment for the duration of the league at that time. When you register, post your name, Primary Detachment, and City.Two games will be played with no restriction on lists save using the submitted primary detachment as their primary detachment.

League Dues will must be paid by 9/25 to the Iron Fist League Paypal Account: Please note in the paypal comments section when you send the payment that it is for the “The Great Fall.”

Pairings for the league will be posted by 9/28, and will be posted to the Beltway Gamers forums.

Players will be divided into four divisions, including three geographically-influenced divisions and a champion’s league consisting of the playoff qualifiers from the IFL’s Road to the NOVA 2013. Players will play 6 other opponents in their league as designated by league commissioners. Games should be completed within 2 weeks of being scheduled, whereafter they will be treated as a loss for both players. Games can be played early if both players agree to it.

This is a 40k league so folks can get in their weekly games WHEREVER AND WHENEVER they choose - at a nearby DC game store or other suitable battle location agreed by the opponents.

A couple of DC 40k open gaming nights for your consideration are: Tues at IFL game central – aka Brittany's Restaurant , Woodbridge, VA; Wed at Dream Wizards , Rockville, MD; Thurs at Game Vault , Fredericksburg, VA; and Fri at Eagle and Empire , Alexandria, VA.

League games will be played without a time limit and will end per 6th Ed Basic Rule Book criteria.

Army Lists Guidelines

League Rules for Army Lists
  • Each player may field a single detachment of up to 1850 points.
  • Allied detachments are allowed, and follow the allied detachment rules found in the Warhammer 40k rulebook.
  • Forgeworld units and lists are not allowed.
  • Players may take up to one fortification entry consisting of no more than 200 points.
  • Players may select primary and allied detachments from any codex released before September 8th. Codex: Space Marines is legal for use.
For League play we will accept proxies with the goal of a fully painted WYSIWYG by the playoffs. If a top 8 army does not meet this standard by the playoffs they will be disqualified - the next ranked player down will be invited to the playoffs and so on until the 8 player requirement is met. A player can always petition the Commissioners for a waiver if there are extenuating circumstances that prevent meeting the established standards.

Players will be required to submit final lists by October 14th, which will then be used for the duration of the league and the postseason. Submit Lists via PM to the League Commissioners on the Beltway Gamers Forums; cc all 3 of us in the PM.

All lists will be posted by October 15th to the Beltway Gamers forums.

The League will use the NOVA FAQ, which can be found at
Playoffs will consist of eight players consisting of the top two qualifiers from each division at the end of league play. Standings will be determined by first win-loss then battlepoints, as per the IFL Road to the NOVA.

Playoffs will be held on Saturday, November 16th, location TBD Note: the playoff date does not correspond with either the 11th Company or Da Boyz Grand Tournaments.

League Fees and Prize Awards:

The Warhammer 40k DC Fall League will have a buy-in of $27. Prizes will be given in proportion to the amount of buy-in dues received, minus the cost of lunch and refreshments for the playoffs and the administrative cost of processing paypal payments. Prizes in the playoffs will be awarded first by W-L and then by battle points amongst those with the same W-L record.
1st: 35%
2nd: 20%
3rd: 15%
4th: 10%
5th: 5%
6th: 5%
7th: 5%
8th: 5%
Missions are a mix of missions from the upcoming fall GT events: Feast of Blades, Battle for Salvation/11th Company, and Da Boyz GT. As Battle for Salvation and the 11th Company GT both use NOVA Missions, we have including two missions from NOVA Open 2013 to give practice to attendees of these events.
Missions can be found here:

League Commissioners Contact Information

To contact league commissioners, please reply to league threads on the Beltway Gamers forums. Alternatively you can PM League Commissioners directly on either the Beltway Gamers or Iron Fist League Forums. Please include all three of us in any rules discussions, questions, or concerns.

Usernames: Patton, MVBrandt, Shrinedawg

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  1. Thanks for posting this up! We've already gotten 13 signups, and I know of many more who have verbally committed or have shown interest. If your in the DC area, what's stopping you?