Saturday, July 5, 2014

Ork Codex review / thoughts / RTT 1850k July 20th, NOVA OPEN format

Hey all,

So I specifically waited to post this as I wanted to make sure I had time to absorb the ork codex, see other peoples thoughts and play some game with it to make sure I didn't miss anything. I'm glad I waited as my opinion now is not the same as a week ago.

Also we have our monthly RTT on July 20th this month. We'll be using the NOVA OPEN missions, and nova open FAQ. Same things as usual, show up around 10:30!
What this means importantly is, please note that the nova open is not allowing double CAD, so neither will we. However, As I do believe stronghold assault is fine now, all of stronghold assault is still legal. (despite nova FAQ otherwise).

Last time we had 20 people turn out, lets try and repeat that!

Ok. So orks.

When I got the codex last week and had a first go, it looked like the codex was actually weaker than the 4th edition codex. There are far less options in it, no neat FOC manipulations or use of combinations to make the sum of the parts greater than the whole.

Having now gotten several games in with it, trying different lists and all of the models. I feel that this codex is just barely stronger than the previous ork codex. It's gained a lot with a few specific units, but its lost a lot with its lack of FOC manipulations, and as mentioned, there are very few "combinations" of units that are what i'd consider effective. That said, there are a few, and I'll outline the few things I like below.

Let me state again for the record, I think GW screwed up big time by not maintaining, or adding unique FOC combinations to give orks a unique twist. People have been pointing to the formations as the unique combination elements. That's nice, it's not the core rulebook. Not everyone allows formations.

Fear not loyal reader! Despite my misgivings, I will continue to make orks work through all 7th edition. My CSM are mostly hitting retirement for now. I've played them almost all of 6th and its time to mix things up. So we'll give it a go.

So here are the models / list I'm currently using, and the reasons why.

Warboss  - Mega armor - da lucky stikk
- This is good. So so so good. This gives orks a re-rollable 2+ save, and a warboss who is almost always going to hit and wound. It's cheap and powerful.

Big Mek w/ KFF - a 5++ invuln vs. shooting is still useful, even if it doesn't extend beyond a vehicle and is only models not units. I recommend running him outside of your vehicle on the top of turn 1, then hopping in and joining a ride.

Mad Dok Grotsnik - Holy crap is this guy good now. He still can't leave a unit after he joins it, but he gives fearless and rampage. Seriously I had to read the rules for this several times. He literally gives the unit those rules, if he dies for some reason, or if its an IC in the unit he's "conferred" it to, as it were, that unit/IC keeps the rules. As according to the raw text, they "HAVE" the rule, simply because he joined them. So, use this to give your orks so much needed umph. Combo this with meganobz/warboss for a really good time.

Slugga choppa boyz -  Shoota boyz are infinitely better in almost every way, but its not worth 7pts a model. So now is the time of the slugga/choppa boy. I previously advocated for using big shootas, now is also the time of the rokkit, use them instead of big shootas. Anytime previously you thought of using a big shoota, or you get a big shoota, simply make a it a rokkit, this goes for all units in the codex.

Meganobz - same as always, dead hitty and resilient. Now more so with a painboy for FnP

Trukk - Cheap rokkits and fast

Warbuggies - these guys were great in 5th, and now they're great again in 7th. 25pts for a rokkit buggie is solid. Run them in squads of 2 or 3.

Battlewagons - still great, don't bother with upgrades though. Deffrollas are trash now, seriously don't bother. If you want to buy things, give them wreckin balls, boarding planks or rokkits. I'm running mine with just a single rokkit though to keep the points cost down.

Tankbustas - Now amazing, its hard to argue with EVERYONE GETS A ROKKIT AND MELTABOMB! They're very effective at killing MC's and tanks. Use them, seriously. I'm running squads of 10 in trukks or bwagons depending on how I feel. Trukks can be solid for 12 inch movement, and snap firing out. Super awesome in the elite slot.

Of the other models that are new or rules revamped.

Gretchin artillery - this stuff is still a trap - admittedly a cheap one. You're talking about a maximum of 5 shots, 3 which hit, and maybe do something. For a fairly low cost. The real problem? They are in the heavy support slot, where you want to grab better things like b-wagons or lootas.

Lootas - Still good, and slightly cheaper, shame they share the heavy support slot

Morkanaught / Gorkanaught - I complained about these guys previously, and i'll do it again. They're at least 150pts way to expensive for what they do. Even then, they'd still be questionable for useful in an ork army. These are more like pretty models you felt like painting than combat effective monsters. They needed to be a super heavy, and i'm not sure why they are not. Seriously GW, go FAQ that shit and make them one. It's not like you guys have a problem changing other things (i.e. super deamon ally friends with the heralds)...
For their point cost, they need to be super heavies. They should also be assault vehicles, like seriously.


  1. I feel the biggest slap in the face is the fact the gorka/morkanaught isn't a super heavy walker. It just looks like it should be!

  2. I think stormboyz seem really good now. At 9 pts a model for how fast they are its kinda crazy. Threat range of 12+4d6" on a waagh turn.

    1. It's even more then that, because of the D6 reroll!

      If you add turn 1 and turn 2 together, they almost have a 50 inch threat range! (12+2d6, then 12+2d6 +2d6 reroll 1)

      As for the ork codex, your FOC shenanigans are in the ghazkull supplement. It's really a 2 part codex. Just like the nid codex, the ork codex was designed specifically to work with formations.