Tuesday, February 16, 2016

40k over 2014-2016

Pics of the past two years of 40k when I've been out the loop!

The Thunderstar in process of being built and painted .. It's been done a while so this is massively overdue.
Were later converted from thunder-calv to Ironpriests

 And now the Dark Angels Ravewing (yes I know the color is wrong)

 My Legion of the DAMNED =0

My IG army for Adepticon 2015 team tournament, woooo super heaviesss

Playing in the Adepticon singles GT 2015. I used Adamantium lance + my team tournament IG army.

The only game I lost, a mirror match, and my opponent had a elder Lynx on a sky shield, dirty tricks.

My Adepticon 2015 team tournament display board + Armies. Was on a team with Matt, Samantha, and Jessie.

 Some of the sweet new Adeptus Mechanicus models I put together.

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