Friday, April 15, 2016

Adepticon 2016

Adepticon 2016

Traveled out to Adepticon with Eric, Mike and Sam on an epic 12 hour car drive from VA to Chicago, woo.

Played in the Singles GT with Thunderstar - Did not do super well.

Round 1-  Eldar (Small Loss)
Round 2 - Tyranid (All the win)
Round 3 - Gladius (Small loss)
Round 4 - Khorne Deamonkin (Tie)

The funny thing about the GT, was 2 out of my 4 opponents are local to my area (CT), sooo we traveled a far distance just to do that.

For the Maelstrom event I ran a Stormlord w/ IG lascannon spam army, with white scars drop cents.

Round 1 I played a thunderstar (oh the irony) and lost horrifically. After that lots of alcohol was involved so the rest was just funzies.

Round 1 - Thunderstar (huge loss)
Round 2 - 5th Edition Grey Knights list (Huge win)
Round 3 - Space Wolves / Imperial Knights / .. White scars I think? (Tie, but so much talking and alcohol was involved we got to like the top of turn 2.. so to be fair its outcome was totally unknown, maybe a tragic loss for me.)

Team Tournament
Our team had 3 drop centurian lists and one IG / Stormlord list (mine). We planned our armies vs. other space marines, elder and tau. Unfortunately we got a lot of deamons.

Round 1 - Played vs. a hybrid army, they had deamons one one table (which we lost), and elder / tau on the other (which we won). The guys from CT were on this team, and I had played both in the GT, so the irony of traveling far to play locals continues.

Round 2 - Played vs. Eldar, Skittari - This was a good game, and we were helped because of the deployment being hammer and anvil. We won both. The interesting thing to note is we had actually played these guys last year, and they were super cool.

Round 3 - Played vs. Daemons (3 daemon armies, 1 elder)... goooo deamons. Two horrific losses. My stormlord was doing great, until it got D'd out on a 6, resulting in all my guys going SPLAT in a single turn.

Round 4 - Played vs. another hybrid army, IG, Necrons, Ravenwing, Eldar. Round was basically a wash if I recall correctly. What I do recall more is Troy coming by and bringing me a lot of alcohol.

Round 5 - More daemons! losses on all sides. Also yet more people I knew =0

So after our losses round 3, we regrouped and discussed, we determined having gotten 6/6 first bloods, we'd try to go for the first blood award with 10/10 as were were down something like 82 pts at the end of round 3, so were not in a position to recover effectively. This we were successful in in the following games, so we managed to win the First Blood prize with 10/10 first bloods. =0 yayyy

The car trip out, dorking it up

Day 1 of the Team Tournament, epic team spirit there =0

Mikes tossing up the bunny ears.

Hmmm these guys look strangely familiar (I played both of them in the GT too!)

Tired and dorky

The armies!

Jared's team Tiki team. They won best spirit and had some great mixed drinks

Sean, Kurt, Tony and Sam's team playing the team that won the event in the final round

Team afterwards. Phil joined us for one round b/c Matt was sick, so was honorary team member. Phil also did really awesome and blew up a lynx with a drop meltagun, just saying.

Team tournament results

Team tournament overall results

The First Blood medal - front

The First Blood medal - front


This was just epic. There was a stereo system under it playing mood music.

Singles results

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  1. Congrats on first blood! Was good to see you fellas there (monopod camera greg).