Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Announcement: February 2nd RTT at Huzzah Hobbies

Greetings all!

So a few updates about the RTT to be hosted by Huzzah Hobbies on February the 2nd.

Jon Pryts and I will be running an 1850 point, Nova Open format RTT at Huzzah Hobbies located in Ashburn, VA. The store is located near the crossroads of route 28 and route 7. 

To register please call Chris at 703-466-0460. There are currently 20 spots available and they are already filling fast, please register in advance. As with all events there will likely be a few people who can't make it to the event the day of, so please feel encouraged to come. We do prefer however you register in advance.

Registration on site starts at 10am, game 1 starts at 11am. Please bring 4 copies of your list, not hand written on a napkin or some such.
The cost is 15$ and will include the following:

Pizza Lunch
2 Sodas / beverages
GW Dice Cube

While most of the prize support will be coming from Huzzah Hobbies (as per the norm for an RTT), we will have additional support from TriageTerrain for the raffle.

There will be three games played with a win-loss format; anyone who takes a loss will receive a raffle ticket with prizes drawn at the end of the event. So only people who have lost games will be eligible for the raffle. 

The Nova Open has an award called Renaissance man. This is essentially the "Best Overall", which includes paint score. This will be the top prize at the event. Other players who go undefeated will also be scored in a similar fashion to fill out the remaining 2nd, 3rd, 4th positions ect. Note that while only a painted army can win Ren man, if you can go undefeated with an unpainted army you can still win the 2nd, 3rd, 4th positions ect. Just not the top prize. 

In case it is not obvious, there will be prize support for those spots as well!

If the event fills to at least 20 individuals, the Ren man will be awarded a spot at the NOVA Open Invitational 2013 in addition to normal prize support.

On hand to assist will be Mike Summerville to act as head rules Judge (also head judge of the upcoming 2013 GT); Bob Likins and Mike Schaefer who will be doing paints scoring with a newly revamped system (also will be judges of paint scoring at 2013 NOVA), and MVB to paint judge / assist as needed(if needed).

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