Monday, January 7, 2013

Announcement: Team TRIOS at the NOVA Open 2013

Good Afternoon All!

So as many of you may know. Last year I was the Tournament Organizer for both the Narrative event and Trios Team Tourney at the NOVA Open. I shared this responsibility with Mike Brandt (as he is the Narratives baby daddy) and Jon Pryts.

We produced a very well received narrative event, it included custom built terrain from the Washington D.C. area which was LED lit with help from Triage Terrain (who also provided a large portion of said D.C. terrain). It also featured a progressive storyline driven by player interaction and events, complete with newsletters updating all players on the day to day progress of the event.

Needless to say it was pretty bad ass. Photos of said narrative (and a few TRIOS) are found here. Go take a look, it's totally worth it.

While I'm at it. GT / Invitational photos here.

Unfortunately, the focus / hype on the narrative left the TRIOS community feeling a little left out. So to remedy that this year, I will be focusing on being the TO exclusive to the TRIOS, while Brandt properly fill in his paternal responsibility for the Narrative (including more than just weekend visitation rights!). Jon Pryts and I will still be contributing members on the narrative, along with many other individuals on the NOVA staff to help make it a bigger success than last year. So do not let your hearts be troubled!

As many GT's host team games of some sort or another, almost all involve pairing two individuals together to play against two other individuals. As the teams get larger, the pairings remain just 2v2.

This format is fun and widely used! However, being that everyone gets to play this format every where else. We decided we would mix it up some to bring a distinct style to the NOVA.

That said, we have the TRIOS format.

 So what is the NOVA open Trios you might ask.

The Trios Event focuses on three person teams, rather than the traditional four person. Players rotate between playing 2v2 and 1v1 matches against the opposing 3 player team
The pairings get switched up every game, so effectively everyone will play at least 2 games of 2v2 and one 1v1 game.

The 1v1 game was previously played at 2k (this may change given the NOVA is most likely switching to 1850, I have to think on it). While each member of the 2v2 played at the 1k points level.

The switch to 6th edition has given us a lot more interesting choices and flexibility for how the pairings will work, so we are already off to a promising start.

I'm going to be focusing on crafting missions that are fun, yet balanced competitively. I'll be posting mission ideas in the near future. If you would like to participate in helping craft said missions, please post suggestions or join the NOVA gaming group by attending our local RTT's and hanging out with members from the club!

Registration information for the NOVA Trios and all NOVA events can be found here. Open registration starts February 1st.

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