Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Your Hobby Place 1850 RTT and thoughts on Chaos SM

Greets all,

I attended a local RTT over the weekend with Jon Pryts and Matt Schuchman at Your Hobby Place. It’s always a good time and as usual Dave the owner made it an enjoyable experience.

I strongly recommend anyone in the Northern Virginia / Maryland area make the trip out to the store for the monthly RTT’s. The next one is being held Feb 9th I believe.

So I played the following 1850 list

HQ –

Juggy Khorne Lord w/ Axe of fury + meltabombs + sigil + boon of mutation
Nurgle Lord on a bike w/ Burning Brand + meltabomb + aura


3x 10 cultists

Fast attack

1x5 Spawn
1x5 Nurgle Spawn
Dragon with bale flamer


2x1 Oblit
Maulerfiend w/ lasher tendrils



The Masque


1x5 Plaguebearers

Fast Attack

1x8 Screamers


1x8 Flamers

This list performed admirably. Though none of my games got past turn 4 (due to slow opponents or attempts to slow play me as in the first game). I was usually a turn away from a complete tabling of the opposition. Two of my games were vs. IG blob guard, one was split up into squads and fully meched with chimeras, backed up by basilisks and the like. The other was a full on flat gun line of the type we see often now with GK allies. My tyranid opponent was playing what I've commonly seen, that is flyrants with twin linked devourers, hive guard, biovores, and lots o tervigons.
I ended the day in second, though undefeated. I got beat by Matt who played Jon in the last round and won by 4 BP and 244 VP's.
So after these games and many others I've been playing I have a lot of thoughts on my list and its progress torwards "perfection" as it were.
The Masque - She is fantastic and almost a must take. Pavane into assault range, flamer templates, away from objectives... so many options
Flamer/Screamer - I like these little buggers. They don't really hold up to dakka, but they are good and make for excellent distraction / screening units. With only one squad of each I would laugh in the face of anyone who screams I'm running some OP cheese too. I mean come on, how hard is it to force 20 saves onto a T4 squad? They only have 5+'s after all. They die super fast. If you can't dakka them down, your list probably sucks, seriously. Ok, slightly conciliatory statement, it is nice they always get a 5+ with eternal warrior. It can make them annoying because now you do have to force on those 20 wounds. On the other hand, why can't you do that in the first place? If you are expecting to fight marines surely you can handle something with worse armor.
Flamers are good at coming in and using their guns to dakka more than even flaming. Save the flaming for follow up turns in most cases. Screamers.. do an overpass then set yourself up to assault with them. They are pure win in assault generally.
Oblits - These guys always feel like they are consistently under performing. At the same time I think I'd feel naked without them.. so I'm kinda.... all over on them. Truth be told I think I might just want one of them and to take points somewhere for another maulerfiend.. speaking of which!
Maulerfiend - This bugger is hit or miss, but has consistently acted as a solid wound soak and charge threat. I'm well satisfied. He combos well with spawn.
Juggy lord - I hate it when I see S10 on the board, otherwise I'm in love.
Bike lord - Consistent under performance except vs. MEQ armies, which shockingly I hardly get to play against now. It's all about blob IG with MEQ allies.. so.. its like.. erm.
Dragon - Under performance so far. But with the new FAQ changes I think this will change rapidly. For those who don't know, it now shoots its flamer like a turret mounted on the base.. so it can shoot backwards for lolz!
Cultists - Good, solid back fielding units if held in reserve. I'm ok here because they combo well with....
Plaguebearers - Always fun to deep strike onto far objectives that are no where near the real combat of the game.. Or steal someone else's objective and watch them fidget uncomfortably while they try and decide if they should go after the plaguies or your spawn.
Spawn - Performing as well as can be hoped. Only time they suck is if you multi-charge then roll a 1 or 2 for attacks... that makes me a sad panda.


  1. very similar to my current list. I would recommend swapping out one of your CSm HQs for an unmarked lvl 3 sorcerer on a bike, Powers like invisibility or endurance really buff spawn/screamers a lot.

  2. That's a good thought. I'll give it a try. I didn't look to much at psykers as my local gaming group has a very persistant eldar player that about nips most psyker stuff at the bud.